Saturday, 14 March 2009


It had to be done. I needed to get out more.

And it is done.

With Lord Elpus, Martin & Sue, Mick & Gayle, Mike Knipe and a whole load of other excellent TGO Challengers out in the Peak District this weekend at the Challenge Reunion, shame got the better of me and I beetled around my local walk - the Hemingford Round.

I have to say, this took considerable mental fortitude as I had only just cut the grass for the first time this year AND done my exercises this morning as well! Shock horror!

With Lord Elpus currently banging out twenty miles a week and now clambering over the Peak District twice in two weeks, I am concerned. It's hard enough most years; keeping up with his athleticism as he bounds across the Highlands. This year there is a whole heap of work to be done if I stand a prayer of keeping within eyeshot of his lithe frame skipping over the distant horizon.

According to Darren there are just 54 days before the TGO Challenge. I desperately need to get out more. Urgently!

And so I have elected to join Robin on a jaunt in North Wales in a fortnight's time to try out the new rucksack. Interestingly he has just bought the slightly larger version of my Osprey Exos 46 which has an additional 12 litres of roominess.

I reckon the rucksacks will pass with flying colours and I will fail miserably, stuck at the bottom of a hill in a wet bog, crying in an exhausted heap. 


  1. Hi Al,the mountains of Snowdonia will be a good test of your fitness.I have always found most of the routes in North Wales(Glyders,Tryfan,Carnedds etc) to be extremely hard and at the grand age of 54,I am wondering if some of these climbs are now beyond me.People have said to me that age doesn't really matter and as long as you go walking on a regular basis you will build up your stamina and fitness.However, I have been out walking once a week for the last 6/7 weeks but always seem to feel tired and lacking in fitness.Anyway,enough of my own problems-Have a good trip and try and get back to your former glories.

  2. Not to worry too much Alan I was walking those hills into my 70's and I've never been as fit as you! They are very good in my opinion and should do no more than tone you up. However I wouldn't touch the Welsh Malt even if it's offered.


  3. Well done Alan - although your presence was missed at the Snake, hopefully you'll make it next year.

    Shout if you want to get out in the Peaks in the near future.


  4. Aye, Alan

    Your presence was missed ... I had to buy my own beer all night ;-)


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