Tuesday, 21 April 2009

PreWalkDaunder: NEWSFLASH!

An email just in from our correspondent in the north; Gerry Tent Crusher Harber!

Hi Alan: The vital statistics you asked for are:
  • Friday: Walking 3 hrs 04 mins. Stopped 3 hrs 54 mins
  • Saturday: Walking 3 hrs 06 mins. Stopped 4 hrs 41 mins
  • Sunday: Walking 2 hrs 27 mins. Stopped 2 hrs 24 mins

It just goes to show how super-fit we must have become for the final day's effort.

What I failed to mention in my previous posting was the heroic efforts made by one member of the summit party at the end of an exhilarating days climb into the 'Death Zone'. One of the elder members of the party scooted off at gone 6 o'clock to grab the summit of England's Highest Peak (and the capitals are very important here!)

And he was still back in time for his supper. Well done Gerry!

And now, the rest of the news:

There was the small matter of nudity. This blog does not condone gratuitous scenes of a sexual nature so I shall not be posting the pictures (sent to me anonymously in a plain brown envelope) by a person or persons unknown. Everyone down the Axe and Compass had a good giggle though. The tidy bar-lady thought that they didn't make them that small, but I explained that the water in High House Tarn was very cold indeed.

No amount of pleading will make me publish the pictures. Oh no. Not ever. Never, even. So the London Intelligentsia's modesty is preserved.


  1. Never at all - ever? Or just as long as the payments are kept up?

  2. It's good to see you understand the importance of rest!


  3. What happened in the other hours ?
    Walking 3 hrs 06 mins.
    Stopped 4 hrs 41 mins
    Mystery 16hrs 13 mins

  4. Bob - I suspect that aside from a refuelling stop at lunchtime there was another one at the end of the day :-)

  5. 16 hours can be divided up quite nicely into eating & drinking and sleeping. Admittedly the eating part doesn't take too long.


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