Monday, 6 April 2009


First of all: HAPPY BIRTHDAY TINI! (aka Miss Whiplash)

A bit of good news today: Guy, from "Open Air" in Cambridge rang to say that he is expecting my NeoAir in to his shop tomorrow, so I shall go and collect that on Wednesday after my weekly swim.

With Phil having to withdraw from the Chally, this evening I have been taking a much keener look at the route, printing out the maps and working out where I need to be for the cheese & wine parties, where I shall be flipping up Wanda, and a much closer look at stuff like the river crossings.

I looked at my this year's mileage: It made grim reading: Up to this last weekend:

2009: 62.7 miles of walking. 2008: 127.4 miles. 2007: 587.7 miles 2006: 103.5 miles 2005: 111.0 Not good reading, eh?

So, for Easter I have organised a few days away with Rick and the Choirboy up at their magnificent pad in the Yorkshire Dales with an old pal from school and university, young Wilko. We go back quite a while, Wilky and me. 42 years, actually. He was always the clever one. We have done a lot of walking together over those years. Hopefully this trip will give me a few days out to mould the muscles, strengthen the soft sinews and bugger up the boney-bits? It will also give me a bit of time for some quiet words with a good friend.

Rick and the choirboy's place is tucked neatly into the Yorkshire Dales National Park and is handily placed for some quite lovely lonely bits and a precious pub or three.

Thoroughly looking forward to it!


  1. Thank you for the greetings and card, Alan. But now my secret is out!

    Have a good time in the wilds of Yorkshire, boys.

  2. More miles than me Alan. No problem for you. keep it low on the first three days of the Challenge and the old legs will soon be back into the swing of things.

  3. Aye - and more than me too! Will have to clock up some more pre GR5 or it will be a route-march not a honeymoon! ;)


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