Thursday, 18 June 2009


It's all his fault.

I blame Robin for this latest burst of super-ultralight spending binges. It's just that he was skipping along the Llyn Cowlyd Reservoir in his new plimsolls as I was clattering along in my Scarpa Nepals back in March in the Carneddau.

Now, I have been clattering along quite wonderfully for about three thousand miles now in my Scarpa Nepals. I am currently mid way through my second pair of these wonderful boots. In all those miles I have had only one tiny blister that lasted about two days on my LEJOG, due to a fold in the heel of my liner sock.

They have never let me down. This year, when it was absolutely bucketing down with rain on the Challenge I had dry feet, all the way across Scotland. They are sensationally well made, comfortable boots. Their only downside is that each boot weighs in at 970 grams. That is quite a lot. The rest of my kit has always been specifically selected for performance (first) and then, almost importantly weight, second.

It does not look like I carried this through with my selection of footwear.

So, I had a good look at Robin's bootie / plimsolls. He was delighted with them and they did look very light yet also very supportive. So I went with them.

So - A "Crackerjack!" Pencil to Martin Rye for guessing the new plimsolls - spot on, fella! They are jauntily known as "Salomon 3D Fastpacker Mid GTX". "Plimsolls" for short. Each plimsoll (size 10) weighs in at 498 grams - that's a massive saving of 468 grams per foot over my Scarpa Nepals! They are half the weight. They are comfortable straight from the box and have a wonderfully slim heel cup that grips my girly heels really well.

They come in a wonderful shade of dark grey (with those dashing golden flashes!) so sartorial elegance is maintained. My dainty ankles will be protected from those nasty sharp rocks. They don't "sing and dance", Gayle, but I am sure I can cover for their inadequacies.

We shall see how they do. I shall let you know.

As for the 'thong' suggestion "Anon", you can ask the real "super ultralight-weighters" about that! I am sure Ibbo will be along shortly with his dental floss shreddies!


  1. Ha! Call that a plimsol? Looks more like a brick to me!

    Hmmm... I'll be interested to hear how you get on with them, though. If I could crack the dry foot + light footwear conundrum I'd be a very happy piglet!

  2. Nice boots, be interesting to hear how you go on. Like a nice bit of kit.

    (And I'm a nightmare?!)

  3. Best boots I've ever worn. Great compromise between trail shoes and boots. PW, they'll keep your feet dry, but your feet won't overheat.

  4. It's going to look suspiciously like Mick's copying your gear choices (you fashion leader, you).

    First he got an Exos just after you did, then the Neo-Air, and he's been after a pair of these for quite a while (but thus far failed to find a convenient stockish to half sizes).

    Just to keep up our recent 'his & hers matching' trend, I'll no doubt get a pair just after he does...

  5. Alan, I have come to the conclusion that you are pre-emptively copying my gear choices.

    I am currently thinking of a mankini for our next walk - just to let you know.

    If my suspicion above is true, I look forward to your photos in the near future.

  6. Ugh! I took up Deputy Dogz recommendation for this years's Beard Convention - Merrell Moab Mid - and they were fine and dandy. No probs with comfort, and reasonable as regards the wet stuff. Like you, I've been using the Scarpa Nepal, and before that the sadly discontinued La Sportiva Tranga. But both of these are serious weight. And yet, and yet... sometimes you need to use crampons, and so far as I can see none of these light-weight boys can do it, tho' possibley the flexible Grivel flex crampons might(?) match. But for sure, I'm a convert to sub 1Kg footware for general trompimg. Now if we could just find a way to get the weight down on a Jura or Auchentoshan ...

  7. Peewiggly: I think these 'bricky' beggars could be nirvana! There are girly versions to suit the female trotter...

    Louise - Yes you know you are a nightmare - so don't try transferring your guilt to me...

    Robin: That was a sensible remark! A "Crackerjack!" pencil should be winging its way to you. But I have none left! Sorry!

    Gayle: (or should I say "Howard & hilda"?: Ah Mick: Your neoprene fully waterproof mankini! Now you really are reading my mind. Unfortunately they were all a bit baggy for my svelte figure, so I have returned the prototype on to you. Throughly looking forward to Gayle's pictures of you on your blog.

  8. HMP3:

    Some of the women were sporting excellent beards on the Convention this year.

    Cask strength: Every time. Don't sod about with water.

  9. There are girly versions to suit the female trotter...

    Hmmm! I think I'll seek some out and see whether they fit my svelte little crubeens :) Ta!

  10. I hope these perform better than the wrongly sized Hi-tecs you missed out on and that I took home. Those were pretty useless at keeping the water out.

  11. They look lovely - and the coloun will suit!

    I'm hoping to lay my hands on a pair of Hi-Tec's ion-masked daps any day now; if I understand it correctly, they're not branded as being fully waterproof cos there's too much of that woven fabric stuff, esp. around the tongue I suspect, but they should keep water out for a while, while not making the feet overheat.

    I have terrible problems occasionally with athlete's foot (not "athletic feet", note) and am hoping for some respite.

    Someone close to me occasionally makes comments about my smelly feet too, so maybe this might be a solution.

  12. John, my man. Woven tongues are deeply strange. Stick to conventional positions at all times, lie back, relax and thimk of Yorkshire.

  13. Why did you not go for the Salomon Elios Mid XCR, size for size they are about 15gms lighter?


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