Sunday, 7 June 2009


Back again, this time with Phil, Shirl & Piglet after a bit of a stroll, this time without the small houses on our backs.

We had a walk centred around the River Duddon, taking in rocky gorges and beautiful riverside woodland in dappled sunshine. The star of the show was definitely the dog ~ a six month old border terrior who is utterly tireless and game for absolutely everything; swimming in the Duddon (was she pushed?) rock climbing and eating sheep-poo.

Lord Elpus managed the whole thing today and looked far more chipper ~ it's still only a few weeks since his radiotherapy and he is getting back to fighting fit. He is currently fighting his way through a pint of Ennerdale, so things are definitely on the up.


  1. Did you drink them dry of Sneck Lifter?
    Sounds like you made the best of the less summery climate...

  2. That's good news about Phil. Dogs are great entertainment! It's going to be a few weeks before my next pink ticket. Still, looking on the bright side, you don't have to worry about that any more!

  3. Robin: "That's good news about Phil. Dogs are great entertainment!"

    Hmmm I'm not sure how Phil will take that!

    But you are right about the pink ticket!

  4. "Robin: "That's good news about Phil. Dogs are great entertainment!"

    Hmmm I'm not sure how Phil will take that!"

    LOL! :)

  5. All strength to Phil, sounds like his pint-lifting arm's back to full fitness already. Great priorities gents!

  6. It was a wonderful weekend. Many thanks from both Piglet and me :)

  7. It was indeed a great weekend, and fine company too. The first big hill brought out the Duke of York character in me half way up, so Alan & Shirley firmly marched me back down the hill again :-(

    But as John says, the drinking arm is back in fine fettle after a bit of a lay off, and the legs will surely follow :-)

    Many thanks to Alan & Shirley for a thoroughly great weekend.

  8. "Robin: "That's good news about Phil. Dogs are great entertainment!"

    Hmmm I'm not sure how Phil will take that!"

    I wasn't implying that the radiotherapy had brought about a genetic mutation in Phil!

    On the other hand...those three legs are a bit suspicious. I'm sure Uncle Roger will change the Challenge rules to allow tripeds. ;)

  9. JM: I have to loook after the old bugger - he has looked after me for nigh on twenty years - and I fancy at least another twenty with the old sod! His right arm was doing fine in the pubs.

    Seeing him and Miss whiplash on Saturday - I hope his right arm is up for that as well (along with some near neighbours of yours from Austwick!)

    Robin: How did you hear about Lord E's third Leg? Has Miss W been blabbing?


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