Thursday, 2 July 2009


Last Friday evening, there was a torrential downpour here in the village for a good hour or so. It rained cats and dogs, no - it was sheep and goats - or perhaps even cows and shire horses. It was pretty impressive as I was looking out from the kitchen as I was cooking supper.

Then were was a strange ticking noise coming from my drinks area in the dining room... Water was dripping from the ceiling onto the wooden floor. A bucket sorted that out. No sign of it upstairs though - strange.

I had the local thatcher round the next morning and we found the source of the problem - there was quite a bit of a slump in the valley junction between the two roofs. So this evening he was round to patch it with a sheet and he made a very tidy job of it too.

So yes, the apostrophe in the title of this post is in the correct place: They can fit me in in Spring of next year; and that's by pushing me up the list as I have a leaky roof. I suppose it's good to hear that one part of our building industry is busy but it does mean I shall have a nice blue patch on my thatch for a little while. Ho hum!


  1. When I saw the title I was settling down for a good political sermon!

    I'm pleased to hear the thatcher came good.


  2. I was speaking with Darren Christie this morning and he pointed out that at last I have fully embraced the ultralight philosophy: There has been the new lightweight boots, the NeoAir mattress, the fact that I have won his blog's competetion and have a tiny little meths stove winging it's way to me.... AND NOW!:

    I am now living under a tarp!

    Good grief.....

  3. You should rename the blog to Alan's Gone Ultra Light ^__^

  4. I knew we'd get you in the end! Welcome tot he club :)

  5. I knew we'd get you in the end!

    Next job chop all he labels out of your kit and weigh them.

  6. See if you can get the tarp after he's done the work then head out to the hills with your new stove. Altough I am sure the stove will not be so new by the time your roof gets done.

  7. Hello 'TTG' and welcome to the blog - (or it may be that I have not spotted you before!)

    The stove tried to deliver itself to me yesterday but I was out in London so I need to get it re-delivered - then it's pff to uy some meths!

  8. AND NOW!:

    I am now living under a tarp!

    Lol... I hope it's the right kind!

  9. Probably one of those blue ones tha Eddie wrote about in TGO...

  10. Probably one of those budget blue ones that Eddie wrote about in TGO...


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