Sunday, 30 August 2009


No - It's not your local housebreaker.

Take a listen and be swept away with me.


  1. ZOMG... This is something I know and love, and a tiny bit of it happened to be on R4 as I was driving back from Scotland this evening. I was just thinking that I must to to iTunes and get it, and suddenly here it was on your blog! ZOMG...

    (Off to bed now. Piglet's exhausted, and so am I.)

  2. It has the perfect 'hook' to pull the consciousness to that higher level, even if only briefly. Allegri was a genius. Uplifting stuff indeed.

  3. Shirl: Yes, it was a trailer for an upcoming radio programme on R4 that brought this one all back to me from a seemingly past life! - I just had to find it and went straight to YouTube. 'Great Minds' etc, eh? (The thing is, they say small ones seldom differ...)

    Des: I totally agree - those huge lifts the boy choristor make still make the hairs on the back of my neck prickle.


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