Tuesday, 1 September 2009


Seven months ago the blog went through the 75,000 visitors mark. Well, today we all burst through the 100,000 visitors hurdle with about 188,000 page views! Woo Ooo!

And who was the 100,000th visitor? A bit contrived, I know, but when we realised this milestone was coming, she nipped in with 8 seconds to spare before the 100,001st visitor arrived. The young lady is an infamous blogger from 'up north' with a border terrier.

It constantly surprises me that people still drop by, as, let's face it, this isn't really an out and out walking blog. There's not too much chat about gear (even though I do like gear) as there are far better blogs out there about gear. There's only really one walk where the route was discussed in detail and as that was 1,687 miles long, I felt I had done that to death, so there hasn't been too much detail about walking routes since then. I guess that you are not interested in that!

Readers come here for a variety of reasons, but some of the more interesting Googled searches that arrived here are "bruised buttocks" (still a favourite after seven months!) and "Foot fetishes" and coming in with just one vote, was, very strangely "Women's Trundle Hat"

Make of it what you will. You are all barmy! But thank you.


  1. You're right, we are, or at least I am!
    But I find your blog interesting because it has an unpredictable charm which occasionally verges on eccentric (I'm trying to be complimentary here..) and you don't appear to be obsessed with gear, or if you are it doesn't show! 'Gear only' blogs have a limited appeal for me I'm afraid.

  2. Well done on the milestone. The search results are very revealing :)


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