Friday, 18 December 2009


GOC2004 108_0839 Tullochmacarrich, North Eastern Cairngorms: Click on image to enlarge

I was browsing through some old files earlier this afternoon when I came across a TGO Challenge Trip report I wrote for the TGO magazine - They didn't use my text but they did use most of my pictures in the October edition of the 2004 magazine along with Steve Smith's excellent prose.

Anyway, for keen prospective TGO Challengers, there might be something in it that you might like to see. I have bundled it onto Google Documents so all you have to do to see it, is click HERE


  1. Excellent, Alan, though there seems to be a little less alcoholism in those dim and distant days past.
    BTW you seem to be succeeding wonderfully with the mappy images - much more precise than mine, but then again, I suspect your route is much more precise than mine. Lots of lovely brown lines to cross, I see....

  2. Terrific, Alan. But what ultimately was the deal with your arm?

  3. Martin: Ah - the alcoholic interludes were either only briefly mentioned (Tomdoun) or missed out - not 'done' to appear in the TGO...

    I seem to remember (just) that it was well up to standard.

    Robin: Too kind, sir!

    Mark: The arm - damaged ligaments to the elbow and wrist and I seem to remember torn sheathy thing around the muscles too (it was all explained to me by the doc back home who seemed to think I was lucky not to do anything worse - but it seemed bad enough as it was...) I have sub sequently cut all the wrist loops off every walking pole I have had since - bloody dangerous things, they are too!

  4. As to the lack of alcoholic incidents I did notice the ommision of reference to the episode at Dinnet, but that could not be told in mixed company due to the language and hand signals involved in the telling. Mrs. Grumpy has never been the same since she heard the language and Alans' opinion of our brothers from north of the border. You should be OK for next year Al as I understand your route has been vetted!


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