Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Countdown: Fifty...

235 Carn a' Choire Bhodheach & Creag an Dubh Loch, TGO Challenge(You can click on the picture to make it bigger)

Well - it's fifty days before we all set off to Scotland for the TGO Challenge.

So - What's to be done? I'll list a few of the more pressing things:

  • Belly: This really must go! At last I have got back to the start point of a few months ago when I declared that the belly had to go. It had all gone horribly wrong and I had actually put belly on between then and now...
  • Training Walks: Not too bad at the moment as there has been a flutter of early morning walks recently. There will also be quite a few walks in hilly places which are already programmed between now and kick-off.
  • Tent: This needs to be done! I found a little leak in a seam when I was camped halfway up Scafell Pike with Shirl last year. (I had painted the seam sealer on in a very cold misty February evening, by torchlight three years or so ago, so not surprised it's a bit of a bodge!)
  • Food: I need to buy a bit more Real Turmat as it really is the Dog's Danglers.
  • Maps: These need to be printed out (so easy to leave this until the last minute and then find that your printer has run out of ink.... it happens...)
  • New Trousers: This may not need addressing, if the Belly Issue is dealt with firmly.

They are just a few of the things niggling away at the back of the bonce. I shall print it out and probably forget all about it until a few days to go, then.


  1. Well, you are just too organised Alan :-)... If you discover the 50 day 'loose the belly diet / plan' please bottle it; I promise to do a good job on the marketing for a fair share of the profits.

    Good luck.

  2. Thanks to you Alan, I'm using the Real Turmat (name change possibly though - my recent delivery is labelled without "Turmat"). Still the same tasty, tasty, very very tasty tho.


  3. Nice picture Alan.

    I know what you mean about the organizing of things before a big trip, although I usually just start with basic overnight kit and then add lots more food.

    Louise and I have a "big trip" to pack for that suddenly materialised the other day after a throwaway comment. (I should really learn to keep my mouth shut at times!) That'll be a real headache to plan for because I'll have to sort her pack out too!

    Must try this Real Turmat stuff.

  4. Real Turmat? Must try that - I can't face another season of Batchelors Pasta 'n' sauce.

    Here's a guaranteed instand result for the belly - a corset. I'm sure you would look fetching!


  5. An official bulleted list must mean that preparation is heading towards the serious stage.

  6. Are you taking the Warmlite Alan.
    I havn't tried Real Turmat, i always use Expedition foods. Have you tried these by any chance. I would be interested to know how they compare.
    Good luck with the prep. it's an exciting time.

  7. Have you tried Lakeland's Butter Buds? We found that one sachet gave dehydrated food a bit of a 'lift'.You can only use it on hot foods though.
    You can read about it at www.

  8. Shamus: That's just it - I try to be organised - I know what needs to be done - It's just the doing it where it all goes wrong...

    Brian: I don't think that's the real stuff - the Real Turmat is in a vacuum shrinke-packed almost rubbery package, all knobbly.

    BBF: You really should try it - it is delicious!

    Sophie: Minx. (I do have very nice legs, though - perhaps seamed stockings to show off my calfs? - But what colour?..)

    Des: I am a Very Serious Chap.

    Alan: Real Turmat is SO much nicer. And yes - Wanda will always come with me. We are inseparable.

    AFITH: They look like a brilliant idea! I am in the Lakes in a few weeks time so I shall pick some up from their superstore. Thank you.

  9. I called in at my local Lakeland (in Handforth) - a wonderful shop for those who like to do food. I bought a pack of 40 sachets of Butterbuds for about £4.00. Butterbuds appear in a number of American - published recipes for backpackers. I'll report back!

    Word: tionic.

    That's what butterbuds are - tionic.


  10. Have you tried Stoats Bars, great for brekkie on the move?

  11. The word 'joysi' says it all........!!

    See you in Montrose - if not before! I might even make one of your cheese and whine (sorry - wine) parties.

    Uncle Roger says I'm IN.

  12. JJ: Ta for the butter bud shop locator info :) I shall get some for the Peebles to Moffatt bash.

    Jack: Stoats bars... they don't have currently bits in them, do they?

    Laura: Well done Girl! It would be nice to see you at a Soirree


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