Wednesday, 10 March 2010

TGO Challenge 2010: Cheese & Wine Parties

Cheese & Wine 2010 invite 

It has become the custom for Lord Elpus and I to hold a couple of evening cheese and wine parties on our stravaig across Scotland.

Last year, the first had to be relocated as I had followed our foul weather route, so a jolly time was had at Gerry's hostel instead of at Loch Coire Lair. We listened to classical music on Gerry's record player sitting in front of a roaring fire on comfy settees with many more attendees than had been expected. We drank toasts to absent friends; those who had passed on and those who could not be there for other reasons.

Due to dreadful weather, I was 'Billy-No-Mates' at the second cheese and wine, in a storm lashed valley in the middle of sod-all. Still, the occasion was marked with me having to drink the bottle on my own and scoffing all the cheese, falling asleep to the music of the rain thrashing against Wanda's flanks.

So, this year we are hoping for a little more success on the attendee front. Lord Elpus and I have chosen two delightful spots where we are pretty certain to meet a few bon-viveurs. All are invited. They need only bring a nice bottle and some of their favourite cheese, with perhaps some nice biscuits or fresh rolls. The first is at Loch nan Stuirteag; 2840 feet up in the Cairngorms. The second is timed to be after the parties at Braemar and Stan & Bill's and before the party at Tarfside. It will be at an elevation of some 2200 feet on the banks of the Water of Unich.

Dress code: Smart casual.

Thanks go to Phil for creating the invitation with his usual style and flair.


  1. Sounds like you might be on an even higher elevation by the end of the night!
    Does smart casual include green crocs?
    I hope you all have a great time and as ever i will look forward to reading the reports.
    Wish i was traversing the course as well.

  2. I hope Smart Casual does not inlcude Green Crocs!

    Last year's event at Gerry's hostel was indeed a fine affair. Can't help thinking the second venue for this year might get a bit damp !!!

    I'll have to consult the maps to see where the first one is!

    I'd like to come Al but I suspect my constitution will not be up for it. The second venue seems designed to keep the Callater party going for another night :-)

  3. Alan: If you think your crocks are smart casual, well that's fine by me. If you see what Lord Elpus thinks is 'smart casual' then I suppose anything goes... He'll be wearing new panties this year, apparently...

    Andy: There will doubtless be a bit of a bash in Kingussie on the Thursday night, our soiree at Loch nan Stuirteag on Friday, Braemar & "Bingo Wings" on Saturday, Stan & Bill's on Sunday, Water of Unich Soiree on Monday, Tarfside Party on Tuesay, North Water Bridge on Wednesday and the Park Hotel bash on Thursday.

    It's what training is all about. We shall be training this weekend at the Snake Pass Chally reunion.

    JJ: See you for Training Duties at the Snake, then. :-)

  4. I'm staying at Gerry's the first night of the Challenge this year so hopefully we can keep up the tradition!

    Hope you all have a great time at the Snake - sadly, I shan't make it.

  5. If, by any miracle, we leap off the stand by list, (looking ever more doubtful, and my fingers, legs and toes are going numb from all the crossing...) we would be very close to both of your delightful looking parties, but not quite close enough, (no for cigar for me then!) so we will have to decline your very kind open invitation. We should cross paths enroute, if...

    Now where did Andy stash his voodoo doll?


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