Thursday, 15 April 2010

More on TGO Challenge Preparations

It's all go here at Mission Control (that's my little office upstairs, that is...) as I try to get all the bits and bobs together that I usually forget to organise until it's too late. I must have too much time on my hands.

So - I now have half a dozen more packets of Real Turmat dehydrated top quality nosh and some really tasty fruity bars, care of Chris at Outdoors Grub with TGO Challengers' 10% discount applied. Thanks Chris - this stuff is like Gold Dust as it leaves the shelf very quickly. I would suggest that if you need some, to get your order in quickly with Chris.

I also have, care of the wizards over at, a new 'day food' Exped XS bag (that goes in the lid of the pack so that I don't have to open the pack in the inevitable pouring rain during the walking day), a tiny little bottle of disinfectant hand-gel and, at last, a Thermarest puncture Repair kit for my NeoAir, just in case - it would be horrid to sleep on the cold hard ground when I could be floating on a lovely thick, warm & squidgey mattress.

But Bob & Rose also very kindly sent me a little bottle of "SkitoStop" - a bite relief gel. If ever you have been bitten by cleggs you will know how important this is! Thanks Bob - very sweet of you.

New socks have been bought from OpenAir in Cambridge to match the free pair they gave me to test: Teko extra extra cushioned. Very comfy they are too! Thanks go to Guy for the free pair!

Next up - to go through the aging first-aid kit to chuck away the incredibly out of date stuff and replenish the used up stuff as well. It's all go here, you know!

The PreWalkDaunder last final farewell tour reminders have gone out [the Lake District this year] to all the Daunderers this afternoon. I wonder if anyone will reply or will I end up chasing them all by phone again.... That is in a week's time, so I have to sort everything out by then. I wonder what else I need to get done? There's always something I forget...


  1. "A tiny little bottle of disinfectant hand-gel". I like "tiny-little bottle" - Grateful for more detail please Alan.

    And socks. I'd like to find better outer ones. Are the ones you just bought the Teko Expedition Extra-Heavy Cushion Socks?

  2. Brian - I'm rather partial to Smartwool socks, not cheap but comfy!

    And they don't pong. to empty the contents of the dehydrator.

  3. Brian: The little bottle of hand gel is made by 'care plus' and is available from Bob & Rose's - A link can be found on the RHS of this blog.

    JJ & Brian: I used tobut the Smartwool Expedition socks but since they have been distributed by people who distribute Timberland all the gear shops seem to be avoiding them like the plague as apparently they are really difficult to deal with. Most have switched to the Teko brand instead. Yes - I believe they are the Extra heavy cushion socks (threw away the packaging....)

  4. Thanks Alan, John J.

    Sounds (and smells) good.


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