Thursday, 13 May 2010

TGO Challenge Day 0: The Inn at Lochailort

That wasn't a bad trip up, all said and done. The meet of Challengers at Queen Street Station in Glasgow went well, with Uncle Roger (the Great Co-ordinator) to see us safely off from Glasgow.

The train trundled through bigger and bigger country and eventually deposited us at our destination. Now freshly bathed (I am sure you would like to know that we are looking after ourselves) we are off down to the bar for some refreshment.

Outside all looked very large from our little train and there is a long way to go in the big outside in the next two weeks.

No phone signal here at the hotel so this will be posted at the first opportunity.


  1. "Dreshy bathes"? You'd already been to the bar hadn't you, young man? Have a super crossing, chum, looking forward to reading your blogs and wishing I was out there with you instead of in here working!

  2. By the time you read this Alan you'll have, been to the bar,realised that today (friday) has finally arrived and it's all easterly from here! Looking forward to reading your blog and, like DD wishing I was there also. Have a safe one.

  3. Arrived at your detination! So you made an explosive entry into the bar. Nice one Al.
    Have a good trip.

  4. JM, Rory & Al: sorry about the crap typing! Didn't bring the fold-out keyboard with me so all this is done on the phone's tiny keypad!

    The bar was a bit like a bomb going off...


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