Monday, 10 May 2010

London Calling

A clash of cultures at the weekend; two country types in the big smoke. A very tasty Birthday lunch in the West End with the Menu Decouverte and then a nip around the shops for the birthday present, mostly from Agnes B. And the shoe shop. Oh and the outdoor shop too...

She wasn't getting it all her own way though - oh no! Well, okay mostly she did. But I did come away with a replacement water carrier (the old one needed a bite of a rabid dog to close the gaping jaws) and some new fluffy walking socks to go with the new plimsolls.

Oh, and did I mention the new rucksack? It sort of leapt out at me when I wasn't looking and it did come in a rather fetching colour-way. And it is a bit smaller than the old one as I don't need all the room these days. It's a miniscule 44 litre job and very smart it looks too...

Osprey Talon 44

I am sure you would have done just the same. I got carried away, you see. Those nice men in the white coats kept coming and I Just had to get away from them so I thought I would hide in the rucksack section of the shop. So it was all their fault, see?

The thing is, it doesn't have any of those whippy straps that flail about in the wind and cut your face. And it is a whole lot easier on the eye as well. Well, in fact, on Lord Elpus's eye, as he's the one who will be looking at it as it will be behind me, won't it? Perhaps I will ask him for a contribution towards the cost of the thing. Think of it as an environment tax, Phil.

So: That's it. No more gear. Finito until the next year. I Promise. Scouts Honour!

The 'trial pack' has been successful. The all up weight with the fleece and coats stowed away, three days of food and 300ml of Sloe Gin is 12kg. That's just 100ml of sloe gin per day. Now that's what I call going 'lightweight'.


  1. That’s a gorgeous pack. I envy you. It’s the pack I could desire the way I might desire a beautiful woman who was unattainable. Sweet contours with an understated elegance should ensure it will be coveted by all. Alas, its too modest capacity is far too modest for my bulky needs and this would limit our relationship to nothing more than day walks.

  2. I too fell in love when she got her talons into me a couple of years ago. At the moment I can only tell her tales of the hills and glens while I wait for the NHS to bolt in knee two.
    She says she's taking me away for a weekend as soon as possible afterwards!
    Keep the winter woollies handy and have a great crossing.

  3. Phil: You should be packing - not reading blogs. Good grief!

    Des:.."my bulky needs..." Sigh. Teresa Talon and I will just have to cope with my inadequacies...

    Roger B: Wotcha ol' fruit! Hope the second knee goes well for you. The winter woolies have indeed been packed. Hope to see you on next year's Chally, if we are spared...

  4. When we met in Glen Feshie last year, Sam Hackett called me a tight-fisted cheapskate, just because I was carrying the 80L Berghaus Serac pack I bought in 1983.

    I have a 71L GoLite Pinnacle from Bob 'n' Rose, but that’s too small. And I discovered that on the evening before leaving for the Challenge, which is about the time I normally begin to think about packing.

    Whatever, have a great Challenge! It’ll probably be the best ever!


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