Thursday, 6 May 2010

More gear. Oh dear...

I have been reading too many blogs.

I have decided that I have far too little gear to cope. Quite how I arrived at this appalling decision Lord Only Knows. I have currently on order:

  • Two pairs of Innov-8 Debris Gaiters.
  • Two tubes of foot cream

It's the new plimsolls, you see. I don't want to be picking all the heather and small stones out of my shoes and socks every half hour. It's the way I walk; I sort of drag the stuff into my shoes and stuff it down the side of my ankles until the pain is unbearable. The Innov-8 debris gaiters should sort this out. But why two pairs? I have gurly ankles and I am pretty sure the large size will 'bag' around my ankles. If they do, then perhaps the medium size will fit better. Hence the two pairs. It's cheaper than driving to the shop to try them on...

The foot cream: It's the waterproof plimsolls you see. I bought waterproof ones to keep the water at bay for as long as possible but I know I will get footfulls of water so the Goretex will keep it nicely inside the shoe. So I need some nice foot creams to stop the rot, and make the feet feel smiley at the end of the day.

I think I might regret these plimsolls...

I wonder if there is anything else I need to buy in a last burst of panic buying?


  1. Gehwol Extra applied in the morning before preambulations and Refreshing Balm in the evenings after foot cleansing is accomplished - just the job sir!!!

  2. Thought I had my gear down to 12kg but now do I take the Buff, and the luvly fleecy! And then do I need the water purifier. ps I also annoint my wee tootsies with Cracked Heel. Now, which socks do I wear, and how many?

  3. HHTIID: That's the stuff. I am sure "Gehwol Extra" is an anagram. Something to do with bondage. I'll ask Miss Whiplash...

    Jack: Good God Man! You know your way around the block. Remember your Vic Vapour Rub. It'll be chilly up north.


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