Sunday, 23 May 2010

TGO Challenge: DAY 10; Braemar

We 'did' the Fife Arms yesterday afternoon and the Hungry Highlander. Then Braemar Mountain Sports (what an excellent shop) for new black Superfeet insoles for the plimsolls. Then (finally) the the B&B for a much needed shower and shave, because, then, as we hadn't done enough exercise so far on this walk, limbered up for the dancing at the Saturday evening bash at the Moorfield Hotel with the star attraction of "Bingo Wings" ~ the "best rock band in Braemar ~ the only rock band in Braemar"

They were quite splendid and pints of Stag were dealt with and dancing done. Too much dancing in fact, as this morning, for the first time on the walk, my legs are now aching.

We are now to be found sat, sitting, in the nice little tea shop called "Taste" drinking ginger beer and red berry tea (surprisingly good) with the Sunday papers, relaxing.

Our washing is humming away in a tumble drier. A nice Jura in the rucksack for the party at Stan & Bills, a good white and a reasonable red and some strong cheddar on board for Monday's Cheese & Wine Soiree at the Water of Unich.

We are both in good order and in fine form. All is well in our worlds.


  1. Just so you know that your posts are being read and your efforts not going unappreciated.

    Good luck with the rest of it.

  2. I'm reading too but just couldn't resist this one : Word = troll


  3. You must have done all the right training Alan, to be able to keep up that kind of pace, well done.

    Relax and enjoy the rest of you holiday.

  4. I've been following your escapades and very enjoyable they sound too.

    But where are you now??

  5. BW, Theo, Louise, Gibson: Thank you for your kind comments. Sweet of you.


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