Tuesday, 1 June 2010

TGO Reprise: DAY 11

IMG_2147Shirl, freezing on Broad Cairn

IMG_2149 Me & Phil on Broad Cairn

IMG_2151 Phil (he's Tiny!), Andy & Ian on the way to a Cheese & Wine.

IMG_2152 Glen Doll

IMG_2158 The Cheese & Wine Ten. 2 deg C with a light drizzle. Perfick!


  1. I've just caught up with this post. Fine pics and a good time had by all I'd guess.

    BTW, I notice that we both have a new 'Follower', Helen, but I can't find her blog address. You don't have it by any chance?

    Thanks for your help if you pick up this belated post.

  2. Hi Gibson

    Thanks for dropping by - It's nice when people take time to comment!

    When you 'follow' a blog you don't necessarily have to have a blog - just a Google identity. It's probable that Helen doesn't have a blog of her own yet.


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