Tuesday, 1 June 2010

TGO Reprise: DAY 14

 IMG_2166Phil: Nether Warburton

IMG_2167 Me: Nether Warburton


  1. Good photos Alan, thanks for sharing!

  2. Swine. The flashbacks have been well & truly triggered now.


  3. Well done to you and Phil. Boys from the East did some fine hills there. like the photos.

  4. Enjoyed the show! People pics are always my favourites.

    Presumably attention can now be focused on the missing nine pounds of what Charles Clarke called his Burgundy belly!

  5. Robin: It brings it all back. And I love fiddling with piccies, cropping the hell out of them to get to what I actually 'saw' at the time!

    Phil: Sloe Gin. That's what you need. Three tablespoonfuls every half an hour. Calms things down. Trust me.

    Martin: These Flatlanders didn't do too badly at all, did we?

    Des: That Burgundy Belly: I am starting to locate stocks of the good stuff to remind the belly of the good times. But not so as it will dominate the trousers again in such an arrogant fashion. Oh No Sir! I am the master of my trousers this time!

  6. Excellent stuff Alan, shows the 'spirit' of the Challenge, not just the beauty. Well done indeed.

    (I've started to cheat with the trouser issue. These new ones are reeeaaally stretchy! No wobbly bits round here anymore, oh no, all is held very firmly, yet comfortably, in place.)

  7. Wow. What a time you had! Excellent trip?

  8. Well done, Alan and Phil.
    What's this eXTreME tracker at the bottom of the right hand column ? Is it one of the Blogger gadgets or did you find it somewhere else ? And most important of all ;-) is it free ?


  9. Hi Theo
    I cannot remember where I found the tracker, but it gives accurate IP addresses of visitors, so if you ever get an abusive / rude commenter it is possible to find out who they are. It has been quite useful on the very odd occasion. It also seems to be a more accurate tracker of visitors to the site


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