Friday, 27 August 2010

Toulousean Lassitude

It's stressful stuff; travelling. A rest day was ordered and taken in Toulouse, to recuperate from the rigours of the journey and the terrible heat lassitude brought on by travelling hundreds of miles south to the warmer climes. Toulousean Lassitude can be a terrible thing and can only be cured by the administration of pastry-crusted pie products from the far south western arm of our great country - Cornish Pasties.

Jungle's command of French was called into question by Binder at this point, when two large glasses of Pernod were produced by the attentive waiters. However, Binder admitted shamefacedly that the cure was indeed efficacious and so more were ordered at frequent intervals to stave off the lassitude. The team passed a very happy day in Toulouse.

Cornish Pastis Toulousean Pasties

The equipment for the expedition was tried and tested, having just been recalled from its foray north of the English Border on the TGO Challenge. The expedition members had accompanied the equipment and were supposedly fit as fleas...

That was some supposition as you will see from the next instalment.


  1. Ah yes, I know full well how it is to be “smitten with mysterious and complicated symptoms”

    Prone (Dr.)

  2. Moi J'avais le BIG jealousy de votre trip to Les Pyrenees Hills. Je also parlez the French a un expert 'mais non'. Ma femme et moi vacance dans les hills Pyrenees grande before les petit enfants beacoup des ans ago. C'est tres bonza! Aussi le Pernod. Maintenant je aussi want to allez up les big Mountains, mais je has to work pour to get l'Argent for le trip a Peebles et Moffat. See tu et Shirl dans Peebles je hopes big time.

    Votre ami Andrew W.

    PS.. Do you know where I left my boots after the Challenge?


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