Monday, 18 October 2010

Blog’s 4th Birthday…

Have just realised that we have now been together for four years. What amazes me is that you are still here. Now then, peeps. Talk amongst yourselves. That way there will be something more interesting to listen to.


Still here? Wow.


  1. Happy Blogday Alan, and, most certainly, many more of them.


  2. Congratulations! (Though I feel it was unnecessary to go to such lengths recently to retain our interest.)

  3. 4th birthday eh? I've no doubt some big celebration will be going on somewhere. Might even raise a glass myself.

  4. Something to celebrate, excellent, just what I need.
    (And my 'weighty rear' is being gradually reduced, thanks for asking.)

  5. Wowser! 4 long years. Keep at it fine sir.

  6. Ah, Congratulations. A glass is being raised.

  7. Have a good one Alan. How's the hand mending?

  8. Happy birthday to the blog that truly defines 'rambling'.

    Only joking ;-) Happy birthday captain.

  9. Brian: Wow - What time DO you get up in the morning? :-)

    Norma: You can be sure that I shall refrain from such extravagant lengths in the future. Nice to see you, Miss.

    Old Gregorlach: Hi there. It's always good to have an excuse to raise a glass! Today is Thursday. That seems good enough to me.

    Louise: It must be catching. I seem to be wasting away as well! The comedy belly is almost a thing of the past... ahem...

    Martin: Your blog seems to be going from strength to strength, Sir - despite your recent fortunes on the work front. Congratulations.

    MartinB: You have always been a bit of a star. Have another, on me, for that amazing run of yours to fetch the car when I was bleeding half to death!

    Mark: Thanks for your good wishes: The hand is now out of it's dressing and looking a bit grim - a bit like a fractured rift-valley system all filled up with scabby bit and crusty loose skin... I am assured it will improve. The finger still has quite a bit of a bend to it, which I am trying to straighten out...

    Phil: Rambling? Moi? No No No, Sir! I have never tucked my trousers into my socks...


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