Friday, 19 November 2010

Bloody Greta Garbo

Having been mooching about “One Small Step” for a while and also having seen Stef’s post on the Ark Royal I thought I would combine the two themes and have dug up this little piece of comic genius.

And this next one is for Phil, who is going through a bit of a rough patch at the moment. He introduced me to this sketch back in 1998 whilst on holiday in France together.

Coping with Uncle Bertie

And this one for Oldmortality, seeing as he asked so nicely…

One Legged Tarzan


  1. While your on this theme, you might wish to put up the "One legged man auditioning for the part of Tarzan" sketch. I referred to it once to illustrate a very valid point at a Disability Discrimination seminar and it went down like a lead balloon. Bloody PC!

  2. A wonderful euphamism grew from that holiday, which Miss W still uses to this day.

    "Coping with Uncle Bertie" ;-)

  3. We want to see the Unidexter!!!

    Word: colini

  4. Having just got back from the Axe this may not be the best time to reply to comments on the blog - but here goes....

    Old Mortality: Done - Your wish is my command - besides it *is* very funny.

    Phil: Leave all the clever stuff to Miss Whiplash. you know it makes sense.

    Miss W: Did Lord Elpus receive a sound thrashing? Oh... Jolly good, mistress....

    David: (His Holiness the Incredibly Irreverend Dave)I am sure you have the right connections to see whatever you want - Colin Ibbotson is indeed a very fine chap - but his new companion seems great fun too!

    Alan - It's really late & I am in to fit state to reply properly to your decent comment...

    Louise: You too, sweetie!

  5. Thank you Alan for putting up The Unidexter!!!

    It is one of my favourites ...


  6. Gibson and HHTIID: It's a pleasure. I keep clicking on them myself to hear them rattling on as I am on another webpage. It's the language,timing and corpsing that's so brilliant.


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