Friday, 12 November 2010

It’s all about presentation…

There is some good fun going on over on the TGO Challenge Message Board at the moment: Young Humph started it off quite nicely with the geographic spread of the participants of next year’s TGO Challenge. (He can’t have a lot on at the moment…)

Humph's Challenge Participants_2011

He was then asked about the overseas Challengers: So – he produced the following:

Humph's Global Participants_2011OS

Wonderful stuff!

So I put my thinking cap on and came up with the following: (It was a slow afternoon…)

Challengers 2010 & 2011

(You can click on this one to make it bigger)

This shows the numbers of Challengers attempting their 1st, 2nd, 3rd, etc etc Challenge for 2011 and 2010. Interestingly there are quite a few more starting this year.

Then, in came Humph again, with a Pie Chart of the 2011 entrants: You can tell he’s a graphic artist – the boy has flair!

Humph's Pie Chart


  1. Fantastic. I look forward to the PowerPoint and flip charts when we get to Montrose. Perhaps we could workshop it on the way across the Monadhliath. I'll have my people call your people.

  2. Age/sex profile please by number of attempts.
    Unfortunately, we don't seem to be collecting ethnic background data.
    We'll probably have to wait for the analysis of proposed routes, I suppose.
    I was intending to present this to the Board by the way - could I have it by close of play Thursday?

  3. Tony: My people have yet to hear from your people. If they don't hear by 12 noon tomorrow I shall instruct them to talk to the Pieman's people and you will lose this magnificent opportunity.

    Pieman: I like the idea of a sex profile with number of attempts to be taken into account. I will get my best chap onto it straight away.
    This "board by the way": Are we referring to the usual old plank?

  4. Spare time is good, but this is really rubbing it in.

    Wish I had a dot on the map.

  5. Mark - Are you applying for 2012? I think New Zealand sounds like more than enough fun for this year.

  6. Dammit - I was doing so well until I got to the pie chart ... and now I want some chocolate orange!

  7. I suppose in his presentation to the board (or plank), Mike will be using a lot of pieman charts

  8. Simon: With the War on The Problem Belly now in full sway there are no chocolate oranges, biscuits, crisps or anything that a boy could desire when idling the hours away on his computer. Next year's route is a Demanding Mistress. The Belly Has To Go. (And the capitals are very important here.)

    Tony: I have seen the way the Pieman has dealt with Pies. The man ate THREE Pie Products proffered by the PieChart Guru, Humph on the last BorderDornder.

  9. Anyone who uses the term 'workshop' outside the context of light engineering is a twat..(alexi Sayle)

    My word was 'paire'..thats what you and Lord Elpus are...a right pair !!

    Remember..Vigorous masturbation..its the only way to get the use back on your injured hand.

  10. Anonymous: (IP Address for those that would like to know who says what on here): I am in awe of your linguistic genius & obvious physical dexterity.

  11. I see there is another from Norwich. We east of England Challengers should have a get together Alan. Interesting stats. At 44 I am still young for a Challenger. That is a number I like. You are more average at 55 :0)

  12. Oi! Rye! Who are you calling "average"? !!!


    Yes - Mark hails form Norwich as well - an "average" 52. Nice bloke.

  13. How about a chart with the amount of clean socks that challengers carry in their packs?

    You could then break down by age, height, sex etc.

    That should keep you busy......

  14. James - You are not taking this seriously are you? You'll have to stand at the back of the class if there's any more of this...

    Or I could send you to Miss Whiplash's office, if you prefer?

  15. Just noticed what Martin said about the age thing. Relatively speaking I am still in nappies.......


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