Saturday, 18 December 2010


Old Mortality had this (the Fairport Convention version) on his blog and so this is a blatant pinch (but a better version?) Wasn’t she amazing?

I can play it over and over again and she just gets better each time. OM was right when he said that this is a time for looking back, evaluating and looking forward.

This led me to scamper around YouTube for some old favourites. I thought it was a bit early for Christmas Carols.

So many versions, but this one has everything “right”

There will be more Christmassy stuff coming along later when I feel a little more Christmassy…


  1. Eeeee y'owd hippy.
    Sandy also appeared on the Pie Blog quite a while ago singing "Tam Lin"
    You don't get singing like that outside Yorkshire....

  2. One of my all-time favourites that Alan; along with Dusty's version of Carole Kings 'Goin' Back' and Leonard Cohen's 'Night Comes On'.

  3. Hi Byeways: I am always intrigued by others' taste in music. I see from your profile that you like Leonard Cohen, Radiohead and then "anything cheerful really" That made me smile!

    Pieman: Don't get all northern with me, sunshine! You can't all live in the land of milk and honey, you know. So some of you ended up with Yorkshire. You must have done something very very wrong in a past life...

  4. Actually, I do know where the time goes.

  5. Ah - that'll be Lord Stephen Hawkins of Lord Elpus Hall, if I'm not mistaken?

  6. Well, I like all of these, you probably won't be surprised to hear. But especially Sandy Denny. Can listen to her forever. And longer.

  7. TSW - I agree totally - she was an inspirational singer.


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