Wednesday, 5 January 2011


Latest Monadhliath Wind Factory

After my previous post Val Machin has commented about a new wind farm proposal for a 105 MW wind factory above Kincraig; the Allt Duinne Wind Power Station, comprising about 35 turbines. If you look at the map above you can also see where the Dunmaglass Wind Factory is located to the north west of this proposal. Of course you should then add in the existing forty-plus turbines at Farr, directly to the north of the Allt Duinne scheme, also in the Monadhliath. This means that in effect the Monadhliath will become one giant Wind Factory.

So – who is going to stop this? Not the Scottish government; that’s for sure. Not the Highland Council. The usual set of bribes financial incentives are being offered to the local communities.

You can find all about it from the Developer's own website HERE

I recommend that you read the article that Marcus Petter has pointed to from the Times Online HERE to find out the true appalling extent of what is to become of Scotland’s Wild places.


  1. Gasp.... astounding....

    but you exaggerate, Alan. The map shows that there's plenty of room for even more wind factories in the Monadhliath.

  2. I said long ago that turbines were the new conifers. Damn them!

  3. These bloody turbines are an outdoor plague. Unless something is done to stop them they will be as prolific as conifers as Alistair says.

  4. Mike: You are indeed correct. Who can say where the infill turbines will be placed after the May elections? If you look at any of the maps from the developers closely, you can see that there are always infill positions available - the tracks, substations and power lines are there so it's an easy matter to just add another 20% of turbines.

    Then of course with two wind farms close together, why not just fill in the gap?

    Mike & Trevor: At least with conifers when they die they fall over, rot and add some sort of nourishment to the ground. With wind-farms we are left with bloody great tracks snaking all over the hilltops.

  5. This is a complete and utter joke. This goverment is slowly raping this country of its wilderness and they have the cheek to say that they have Scotlands interests at heart.

    This is just another one to add to the list.

    Beaully To Denny Powerline
    Trumps Golf Course
    Ben Wyvis Ski Resort (Dont think they have had permission yet, but we all know that money talks).

    Will there be any unspoilt views left after these idiots have finished with us.

  6. Hi Frank - and welcome to our world! I think, the way things are going at the moment, the simple answer is "No."
    That means that we have to fight to get our voice heard (first of all) and then acted upon.

    To get our voice heard we need to protest at every opportunity to the politicians so that they know it is not just the "ramblers again" but their electorate that is pissed off.

  7. I think we need to take SEMTEX not a Coffin. That bloke Fawkes was along the right tracks.

    Oh dear, now I will be on the MI6 register!

  8. Obviously wasn't really suggesting explosives.

    When I first went through the Mona's I swore I would not go back again (it was not a nice crossing).
    I went back the next year, and another couple of time since. I love/loved (delete as applicable) the wildness and isolation.

    But I might not be going back after this next challenge.


  9. I like many others find wind farms truly appalling,Its not just the destruction of the view but the roads for construction/maintenence, which will never heal!The Monadhlaith should be preserved for the upland wilderness it is. If we must have the damm things, the sea is a much better place for them. Of course its much more expensive to install them under those conditions so really rather unattractive to the developers. The coast off Barrow-in-Furness is festooned with the things, but somehow they don't look anywhere as bad as the land based ones on Broughton Moor, just outside the National Park. I fear that the "green" lobby have a very narrow agenda, and somehow don't seem to see the whole picture.

  10. <a href=">Alternative Energy Revolution</a>

  11. So Alan; messed up your comments section. The first link is a wrong one the second is the one to look at.


  12. The references to wind farms, conifers and pylons are reminiscent of victorian values of clearing the highlands of indigenous population to maintain a false, man-made landscape as a theme park for well heeled visitors.

  13. Relax - it is not a wind factory. They do not make wind! How I loathe that term!

    Seriously - the folk who plug munro bagging rather than the values of wild country, those who oppose development of any kind, even in suitable areas are now reaping their rewards. The Monadhliath, like the Lammermuir and Ochil Hills have been written off. After all they are: boring, not enough munros, boggy , nobody goes there.

    Thank you everyone who has ever written "boring Monadhliaths" They are now a subsidy factory - and they do make those.


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