Monday, 10 January 2011


A journalist friend of Cameron McNeish rang me the other day wanting to know about the unrest amongst hill walkers about the threat to Wild Land in Scotland.

He’s a great chap and already coverage has been in the Scottish “Sunday Post” yesterday and today an article has appeared in the Press & Journal.

You can see that article for a while HERE.

Many thanks to Cameron & Iain.


  1. That’s good news Alan. It goes to show just how quickly an interest can be generated. (Excuse the pun.)
    keep up the good work, it’s a great start.

  2. Great article in the P and J today. There was another one as well talking about the danger to wildlife of the mega turbines planned for the land between Kiltarlity and Drumnadrochit. You seem to be gaining momentum Alan - great job!


  3. Well done. Media superstar!

  4. You know you've made the big time if your story is in the P&J....

  5. If you could get David Bellamy to join you, the cameras might turn up. Worth asking him. In fact why don't you send out some black edged invitaions. You could send them to sympathisers, but it might be fun to send them to Mather and Salmond as well. Perhaps you could put BG's Isengard picture on the back (with permission).

  6. I bought the paper today. Huge picture of you on the front cover! An excellent piece too.

  7. Well done Alan. However, I do worry over something said by Sigrid Rausing, although I could be reading too much into it. She says, "Potentially, the Monadh-liath mountain range, would therefore, be a better protected habitat for golden eagles and other protected species than some of the areas on the west coast because there is no shortage of food"

    What do we do if turbines are refused in one area (for good reasons) only to be proposed in another, but equally valuable, landscape? I don't want turbines in the Monadhliaths or the west coast hills. I can't remember how many turbines were proposed for Barvas Moor on the Isle of Lewis - thankfully rejected in 2008 - but I'm certain they are now elsewhere in Scotland.

    In my view it is perfectly legitimate to oppose turbines in one area without offering up an alternative location like lambs to the slaughter!

    By the way, when are you getting your own TV show Alan?

  8. Superb work Alan. This is fantastic stuff that the media have picked up on this already.

  9. There's some ironic Google ads on the P&J site. Apparently, if we have a windy site, they can help with wind turbines.... dhuhh...

  10. Excellent publicity. C and I will be going that way about the same time as you I think, if you're looking for pall bearers :)

  11. The Sunday Post article was a bit of a coup - virtually everyone in Scotland reads it. (Indeed, it was compulsory to do so, until about 20 years ago.) ;0)

    Seriously though - my mother noticed the story and told me she was impressed. If you're getting the attention of the over 70's that's approaching saturation coverage!

  12. Hi Alan, saw this and thought you might appreciate it!



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