28 May 2011


FRIDAY 13th MAY 2011
Clickable map and most of the photos, too!
After the rough weather of the previous night we finally left Strathcarron after Andy had queued for five hours behind the postmaster to send his first parcel home. This included items of underwear more suitable for table dancing than hill walking. Who’d have thought it, eh?
It was great to be climbing a beautiful hill path into wild country and soon our lunchtime stop hove into view.
Bendronaig Lodge
We bumped into Bill Archibald on the way to the estate bothy and then headed off up to Loch Calavie.
Bill @ Bendronaig Lodge
Lilo, Day 1
Andy, Lilo, Showers
Loch Calavie
I hate wire bridges but Andy and Lilo skipped across while I waded the shallows of the Loch
Andy, Wires, Allt Loch Calavie
2nd Lunch, Mullardoch Four in cloud
Andy, Lilo, Maol-bhuidhe bothy
We avoided the peat hags below Beinn Dronaig by climbing above them. What is not shown before the next picture of showers over Loch Cruoshie, is the “life and death” struggle to get over the river to the bothy(!) Being a bit of a wimp, I was the last to cross. I timed it perfectly to coincide with a real stinger of a cold rain stormlet as I crashed my way across a very nasty river crossing. All very good for the heart-rate… A little later Robert Ridgewell joined us, having braved the river alone – made of the right stuff, is Robert!
Fierce showers, Loch Cruoshie
We were grateful for the shelter that night – it was horrid outside!


  1. let the TGO trip report deluge begin! nice piks sir...

  2. Nice pics Al.

    That river crossing was a half hour and a bit ago that was.

    Can you email the full size piccy of the wire bridge crossing some time please sir!

  3. David - thank you, Sir! I shall knock 'em out when I can.

    Andy: Full size scary picture coming right up.

  4. How did you manage to get sunny bits on your photos?

  5. "How did you manage to get sunny bits on your photos?"
    Photoshop, James, Photoshop... I take it with me to fill in the bald spot on top of my head too.

  6. So the journey is about to begin... I'll follow this one with interest, it seems that I'll be walking the first four days tonight... :)

  7. Hi Maria

    I seem to be dreaming the walk since I've been back - It's a great way to doze off - taking the first few steps of each day and strolling through until.... I have never made it until lunch-time every time!


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