Sunday, 5 June 2011


The new editor of TGO, Emily Rodway, had been hard at it making great changes to the mag; refreshing to see. This July’s edition is out in the shops now.
Roger Smith, the very first editor of TGO and now the retiring coordinator of the TGO Challenge for the last twenty years, has written a great column this month. I am sure Emily won’t mind me scanning just one page; Roger’s coverage of the “Wake for the Wild” with his comments and popping it onto the blog. Think of it as an advert for TGO, Emily…

JULY 2011 TGO: Uncle Roger's Column

You can click on it to enlarge it.


  1. Excellent. I must admit I didn't renew my subscription to TGO magazine in March since I'd become bored with the same old stuff (Chris Townsend's column and the gear reviews, in general, excepted).

    Must have a look at what Emily has done. Thanks Alan.

  2. Wonderful. The sleeping masses are so delightfully easy to fool with the over abundance of lame but trendy environmental myths that it seems our politicians with their paucity of real intelligence have carte blanche to continue to wreak this destruction.

  3. A free advert for TGO? What a great idea! No problems at all with you posting this Alan. Thanks for the kind comments. It was great to see you at the Challenge dinner. Keep in touch. Emily R

  4. Gibson: Try it again! It looks brilliant to me. Worth it just for Ed Byrne, Uncle Roger and Chris's stuff.

    Des: I couldn't have phrased it better. It's all about Education,education, education.... Now, where did I hear that before?

    Emily: You don't remember the Moorfield Hotel, then? Sigh....

  5. Oh yes, I certainly remember the Moorfield Hotel, if only for your dancing during Blur's Song 2...

  6. EmilyR: Ah, yes... the Woo Hooo Song! I don't tread on your toes, did I?... (blush)

  7. Hopefully you will see this in time: 'Wake for the Wild' gets a pictorial mention in today's (17/07/2011) Sunday Times magazine in an article on Windfarms.

    I'll keep my copy to one side in case you don't get one in time.

  8. Hi David and thanks for letting me know - I nipped into WHSmith's at Kings Cross Station and bought myself a copy.

    It's good that the discussion is now getting a really good airing in such an influential place. Sadly, I think it's all too late - the damage has now been done and is continuing apace with more and more applications for "free money"

  9. Coffin re-appeared yesterday at the SNP Conference in Inverness. A number of people came forward to voice their support. The Coffin will be back! A foonote. "Robert the Bruce" arrived but was prevented from presenting a sword to the First Minister. Security was rather concerned as to how it would be "presented" We did offer the coffin in case of any mishaps!


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