Sunday, 4 September 2011



Quite amazingly, after such a torrid day of strenuous activity, Mark felt that we had not earned our suppers and so after a bit of prodding I agreed that our Limo should drop us off at Liberation Square so that we could explore St Helier and perhaps make a little room for the inevitable wonderful dinner back at The Inn. At way passed his ‘going home time bell’ Arthur gamely bounced out as well and guided us round a bit of St Helier. Above & Beyond, Arthur – thank you.

Liberation Square Jersey Statue (It's a King, yes, really!)

There is quite a bit to find of interest and we duly poked about in some unlikely corners, turning up a hidden “V for Victory” cleverly designed into the wartime cobbles as an act of resistance, which I singularly failed to record as I am afraid I had just been told of a pub right next to it called the “Cock & Bottle” which served real ale and that seemed to hold my interest a little better. Having looked at the reviews of this place for food though, I wouldn’t eat there. The drinks were fine though and the pub is full of character.

I am sure Arthur would never forgive me if I didn’t make mention of Lillie Langtry.  If you put aside for one moment Jersey Royal potatoes, Jersey cream and Jim Bergerac, she’s one of Jersey’s finest exports. Those amongst the congregation desperate to find out all about her exploits, conquests and gloriously debauched life, can click HERE to see Mark’s research on the wonderful woman.

I am afraid I had to lift the pictures of the two Victorian covered markets from the internet as they were just closing when we strolled around town. The two markets looked like a great place to go shopping to cook up a treat for yourself. I shall definitely be going back as I adore these places.

Fruit & Veg Market in St Helier Beresford Fish Market in St Helier

Then it was a swift hike back uphill (we had to walk off the calories somehow) to the hotel to ready ourselves for ‘Wings of Fire’, a ‘Beef Sizzler’ and one of the most perfect crème caramels ever! The restaurant has great food and very friendly staff.

But the night was still young… So we strolled downhill back into town to try out one of Arthur’s recommendations; ‘The Lamplighter’ which had a selection of real ales. So we tried all of them, just in the interest of research. One of them was really really good, so we had a few more of them, just to make sure. The pub is also renowned for its whisky collection. That was a close shave; I only spotted them when I couldn’t possibly squeeze any more in.

We fell in with a really fun bunch – Siobhan and her friend had just come back from a Headway meeting; a charity to help those with brain injuries, and were letting their hair down. So, we joined in. You have to, really: It’s good for Anglo-Jersey relations. Think of this trip as a peace keeping mission and Mark & me as Ambassadors for Her Madge. Andy, a regular at the Lamplighter, kindly emailed the photograph, below right, of Mark & I performing our ceremonial duties.

Lamplighter St Helier Jersey Mark, Siobhan +1,& me in the Lamplighter


  1. Ooh - I look quite 'merry' there. Was there something in those tonic waters?

  2. There was a splash of tonic water in those drinks, yes. Just a splash.

  3. Up until this post you really had me believing that you were both serious journalists - I see the real picture now. Just an excuse for few beers, I feel let down, sullied somehow. Right I'm over that, sound policy, exploring the "real" Jersey, that's the ticket

  4. I met a 'real journalist' once in a bar in Tripoli. He kept falling off the bar stool.
    We have a long way to go to be real journalists...


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