Wednesday, 7 September 2011



Look. Everyone deserves a break now & then. This was my lunchtime tucker at the Crab Shack at St Brelade. Someone needed to test out the menu. You can’t have hungry walkers turning up not knowing about what’s available, can you? No. Of course not. It was my duty. I was helping out.

It was delicious. Highly recommended.

Lunch at the Crab Shack, St Brelade

Let’s not go too overboard with the salad, now. Eye rolling smile


  1. That looks like one of those spreads that leads to a post-meal dilemma: I really should walk it off but I'd much rather have a 3 hour kip in a deckchair.

  2. I believe our afternoon's walk was reduced in length to take account of the lunchtime investigations.

    An enjoyable coffee was taken at the end of the afternoon's stroll to take up the slack.

    You have to build in flexibility on an expedition such as this.

  3. What you actually mean is you and Mark sat in the restaurants and cafes...then filled the blog reports with photos lifted from Flickr.

    I really musn't be so cynical, it's so uncharitable...sigh.

    If you REALLY did all that walking...and eating...and the taking of those photos...then I'm very impressed...especially with the eating.

  4. Ken, Ken...

    I am disappointed. That eating took it out of me, you know.

    BUT: I still struggled on, heroically, to master the trail with the unfortunate consequence of the comedic belly pushing new bounds into uncharted territory in the pursuit of journalistic integrity.

    I had to let my belt buckle out a full inch and a half!

  5. Even I'm starting to feel a bit jealous - and I was there!

    When you say "All that walking", Ken how far are you thinking of? We didn't quite manage the whole 48 miles of the Jersey coastal path. We would have done, but there were serious obstacles. Well, one principal obstacle - a bloody great black limousine parked temptingly in the cafe carpark.

  6. I tend to find salad not too useful at 'soaking up' the odd pint. I'd have thought you'd have taken your trews with the elasticated waistband, they're more comfy when pushing the bounds...

  7. Louise: Do you have any of those trousers still that all pregnant mums buy from Mothercare?

    They would be just the job.

  8. I don't think my legs are as long as your's Alan...

  9. When I mentioned "all that walking" Mark, I was specifically refering to the distance between eateries...not the actual coastal path itself :)

    Seriously...I have been very impressed with both sets of posts on this trail and have to admit I fancy a visit. There's so much to see I even reckon that J would want to tackle this one. That might be a first - well done guys!

  10. How tickled I am! The Channel Island Way really is a jaunt that *anyone* can have a crack at, including children. Take swimmies for the glorious beaches.

    There will be a summing up post coming soon.

  11. Having just eaten a pathetic supermarket sandwich that photo has made me sick :)

    What happened to the good old days of a cheese sandwich in the rain and mars bar so old the wrapper has gone white.

    You've both changes

  12. Andy: It was Ernest Shackleton who said "After months of want and hunger, we suddenly found ourselves able to have meals fit for the gods, and with appetites the gods might have envied."

    I don't think a supermarket sandwich would have done it for him and his men and I am sure that Mark would agree with me after our toils over the south west peninsular.

    We ate for Ernest, in earnest.


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