Wednesday, 28 September 2011


No; nothing to do with preparing your dehydrated backpacking meals but equally as nutritious. Feed your soul, turn up the speakers and fill your mind with a little bit of heaven in England.

(I quite like it, you see)

And this one is for all you bassoonists out there: (from Italy)

And back to England again.


  1. Nice, Alan! When H was very little, she'd hear that second piece on the record player (just before it became utterly antiquated), and when the bassoons came in, she’d shout, “Mr. Vivaldi!”

    She may still think he only wrote for bass woodwinds.

  2. My first "Best Man" was a bassoonist (he's doing jolly well with it too,) and I have had a soft spot for the lovely old thing ever since I knew him (that's a soft spot for the bassoon, not Bob, though Bob is a splendid fellow!)

    I ought to go on some sort of writing course to sort out mangled grammar & syntax... I shall go and buy a book. It's getting embarrassing.

  3. Mark: You should never tell H about the other stuff; it's a bit like the Father Christmas thing. You would crush her!

  4. I have to confess that I know next to nothing about classical music, but clearly I need to learn - that's all lovely.
    Being from oop north (well Leicestershire) I do know about Brass Bands. Used to play in one in fact. Abide With Me gets me every time.

  5. Mark: "Abide With Me gets me every time."
    Me too... and this version is gorgeously emotional. So then; a musician eh? Is there no end to the man's talents? Bon Viveur, Mathematician (I enjoyed your squares problem. I worked that one out at junior school all by myself, predicting squares of numbers; great fun), Gastro Hiker, Photographer, Writer.
    A true polymath... And good bloke!

  6. thanks Alan,

    Abide with Me is one of my favourite alltime pieces and brings back poinant mamories for me. I chose it for my Grandmothers funeral as she was a proper Yorkshire lass and loved both choral and brass band music

    cheers, Dave

  7. Hi Dave

    Indeed, indeed. I chose "Abide with me" for my father's funeral too. It always gets me, and this particular arrangement is really beautiful.


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