Friday, 21 October 2011


Lord Elpus: 60 years Young Meg: Nailed to Sea Wall

Today is a special day: My little sister reaches her half century and my old friend Lord Elpus enters his seventh decade. Yes, I know he looks young enough to be my son: I have had a hard life and he has one of those pictures up in his attic.

To celebrate the fact that I remembered to send cards to them both and the weather forecasters promising a lovely day, I went for an easy stroll in the park: Windsor Great Park, to be precise. It’s an eleven mile stroll back home through the park.

Here are the pictures: Click the link to see the bigger pictures in a slide-show.


  1. A beautiful day! I was toying with heading over there for a stroll this weekend; seeing these, I may just do that!

  2. Beautiful, Alan. Reminds me of my rainy walks through the local cemetery. Not!

    38 MPH?

  3. I was very tickled by the 38mph speed limit through the Great Park. Could it be the tick-over speed in top gear of a V8 Range Rover with Corgis in the back?

    Anyway - it's her manor and if she says it's 38mph, then it's 38mph. If you break it, your head's heading for the Tower of London and your body parts will be fed to the dogs.

  4. Thank'ee for the birthday greetings kind sir. I awoke this morning with an overwhelming urge to don a flat tweed cap and drive a Kia Pride at 45mph in the centre lane of the A14.

    ... must be an age thing ...

    Nice stroll in the park btw.

  5. Well, Paul - it's been perfect weather for the park today: Gloriously sunny and warm with a light breeze. It's just beginning to cool down now. Did you make it, I wonder? Testing terrain and all that...


  6. Young Phil: When at the bar have you started ordering "sweet sherries for the lady wife" yet? You can buy brown leather elbow patches for the tweed jacket in John Lewis, you know.

    Have you ordered the drinks cabinet for the Akto yet?

    I'll stop now. It'll soon be my turn.

  7. My first thought about the 38mph was that she secretly went metric, 38mph being something like 60kph.
    It's actually 61,115kph.

  8. Theo: I can't see our Liz taking to the kilometre and kilogram too readily. Over here we still think in terms of chains and ounces.

    Ken: Relaxing? It was a glorious and quintessentially English countryside in a perfect early autumnal day. I'll start bursting into song with Jerusalem in a minute...

  9. Bring me my Bow of burning gold...

    Apparently physicists at Berkley slowed light down to 38mph in 1999.
    Possibly these signs are for the light: then with a horse and hounds which move faster then 38mph, our Madge could be on the fox a few seconds before it can see her. (I know that there's an inconvenient law, but it doesn't apply to Madge does it?)

    Nice pictures - bit short of Dark Satanic Mills however.

  10. Mark has the best answer. Our Liz makes the laws and so poor Reynard's days are numbered.

    I saw tribes of squirrels on the walk but not a single rabbit. Do you think she's had all the rabbits already?

  11. A very nice slideshow, Alan, and Happy Birthday everyone...

  12. I have done a little digging and found out that back in the dark ages, when decimalisation struck at the very heart of everything that is English, the Crown Estate prepared itself for the worst and plumped for a limit of 60kph for the Great Park. But as the conversion to the dreadfully foreign kilometre hadn't been settled upon they had all their speed limit signs manufactured as 38 mph; the closest imperial measure: Just to show the Eurocrats that we do things our way.

    So, I am afraid I have to take back the prize from Mark and re-award it to Theo.

  13. Thank you for re-awarding me, dear Sir. I have the advantage of driving in Holland as well as the UK. When driving in the UK I have to translate the mile into the kilometre to calibrate my inner speed-o-metre.

    Dark ages ? Not at all, Liz has seen the light ! Amen.


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