Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Breaking News…..

Tonight's front page, just in from our Raving Roving Correspondent, Lord Elpus:

B'Day Card 2011

It has been reported that Mr Sloman’s phone had been hacked to gather this information and ‘Snapper of the Yard’ has been informed. And that Leveson chap too.


  1. That was a good night though, wasn't it?

    Many happy returns from Elpus Hall :-)

  2. From what I remember of the splitting head ache in the morning and the continual emptying of the stomach contents on the way to Glen Tromie, it must have been. I remember the entire Highlands & Islands Fire Brigade being there too. Miss Whiplash would have enjoyed that..

  3. It appears you had a good 'un - I'm delighted for you!

    Many happy returns on this fine day.

    Best wishes,

    (Still on safari, but heading back to the civilsed world tomorrow)

  4. Many happy returns, Alan.

    From the tenor of the story, it sounds as though it was touch and go whether you'd even make it - at least as a free man! ;-)

  5. Delilah, my favourite Tom Jones song! If you have to get arrested in uber conservative 'gussie, might as well do it in style :)

  6. Happy birthday!

    Fleshpots of Kingussie! I remember them none to well.

  7. Is this a rite of passage for people celebrating their 56th birthday – because it’s mine next year and I don’t want to learn the words to Delilah if I don’t need to?
    All the best.
    Alen McF

  8. About time too!

    Looking at the whole sordid affair what I'm most astonished about is that you are actually younger than me!

    Happy Birthday Alan.

  9. Belated birthday wishes, Alan! I hope you didn't terrorise the poor citizens of Kingussie too much!


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