Saturday, 21 January 2012

The Harmony Game

I have just caught up with “The Harmony Game” on BBC iPlayer. You can find it HERE for the next six days.

“Paul Simon and Art Garfunkel talk openly and eloquently about an extraordinarily creative period in their career - the making of Bridge Over Troubled Water.”

Bridge over Trouble Water was the first album I ever bought. Here are two of my favourite tracks.


  1. They look horribly young in that programme.
    And Art Garfunkel's hair was always dreadful.
    But such Harmonies.
    I gave up trying to sing Bridge over Troubled Water years ago.
    Some say I should never have started.

  2. Great shout - I caught it when it was on a few weeks back. It's one of the very few things that has genuinely leapt out at me from the TV page in the paper in years. And years.

    Some things just can't be improved upon.


  3. I thought it was fascinating seeing the line-up, manager and sound man all talking candidly and how they created that wonderful sound.

    Time will inevitably take its toll of these wonderful people, so it's great that the programme set it all down for posterity.

    If you're not careful you can forget these gems.

  4. brilliant thanks - missed this last time

  5. Nice one Alan. Did you know that in 1968 Crosby, Stills, and Nash were nearly launched as Crosby, Stills, and Garfunkel ? But Crosby drafted in Graham Nash of The Hollies who he knew from his time with The Byrds. It was for the best, I think as Garfunkel's voice is too similar to Crosby's and we would never have got that perfect contrast that you get with S&G's voices

  6. Mr L, Sir. You will need to watch it in the next few days as then it disappears. How's Edinburgh? :-)

  7. Mr Crawford! Oooh! CSN&Y - there's a whole load of wonderful music to dig up on YouTube. I agree with you, btw. Besides, where then would S&G have been?

  8. S & G had slipped my mind and also slipped to the bottom of my CD pile - must dig it out.

  9. If you want to hear their sound really stripped down there's a live album from 1967 "Live from New York City". Just the voices and a guitar.
    Found it on itunes.

  10. ooh! Thanks for that Ken. I shall nip off to the iPlayer thingy and fathom out how to use it again.


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