Sunday, 5 February 2012

The British Museum: A nice day out.

Furnished with free tickets from my wonderful niece, I had a day out in London the other day. The weather was glorious and so we strolled from Hyde Park Corner to the British Museum in piercing sunlight and a sharp wind. You could readily swap those two adjectives around and still get the picture.

We made it in time for our timed entrance to the Grayson Perry exhibition, The Tomb of the Unknown Craftsman.

Grayson Perry Pot















Grayson is a chap who does things in a style of is own and the exhibition was both good fun and thought provoking.

As a bit of a philistine, one of the main reasons I love the British Museum is for the wonderful roof – one of Foster’s thin shell structures. Having worked on a pre-WWII Barnes Wallis geodesic roof in a past life (jacking it up by a few metres) I am still enthralled by the way they float so effortlessly above the huge spaces beneath.

So – here are a couple more gratuitous pictures from inside the BM’s Great Court: I love the way Foster combines classical architecture with the modern roof.

BM Great Court Foster's Roof

BM Great Court Foster Roof 2


  1. Sounds like a fascinating day out Alan. When I used to travel to London on business (in another life too!) I never had time to visit either the BM or Science Museum which I've always regretted, particularly the latter. Oh well, such is life.

    1. There are some amazingly cheap deals on the train you know - Aberdeen - Kings X £15 or so (single) then stay in cheap hotel. Cheap as chips!

  2. Hi Alan,

    Haven't been there for decades, that roof looks stunning!

    I can't recommend highly enough, a trip to "Scott's Last Exhibition" at the National History Museum.

    1. Hi Paul. Thanks for that - you're the second person to tell me that - I must go then! I have a trip coming up to meet up with Mr Howell in one of his favourite boozers (can't keep the man out of pubs, it seems....)

    2. I for one will be going to this.

      There is also a exhibition at the Polar Instiute in Cambridge but you need to hurry, because it is only on until 5th May 2012.

      Scott Exhibition

      You can visit it before the Challenge, and then no matter what happens on the Challenge with the weather, you will know that it was NOTHING in comparison.

    3. Ooh! Spoilt for choice then. I have to spend a day in Cambridge soon (nothing exciting, just the usual medical shit) so may pop in if they haven't drained me of more than an armful...
      Cheers Andy!

    4. Let me know when you are here.
      If I am about I could join you.
      In the mean time have a look at this gallery from the polar institute.


      Especially Posting photos.

  3. How ignorant of me, I never knew it was Barnes Wallis wot did that geodesic thingy with aeroplanes. Outstanding.

    1. Ignorant? Such a pejorative term! Old BW was an outstanding chap. He got into all sorts of stuff. A really creative mind.


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