Thursday, 16 February 2012

Sammy Wilson, MP, has his say on wind energy

Many thanks to Geoff over at My Wild Camping and the equally excellent windfarmaction website for bringing my attention to this video:

Sammy Wilson is the DUP Member of Parliament, from Northern Ireland. The DUP uploaded it to YouTube back in July of last year. Sammy Wilson is one of the 101 MP’s that signed Chris Heaton-Harris’s letter to David Cameron about cutting the subsidies to wind.

I wish there were more like him!


  1. Wilson's other views mean I wouldn't want to be associated with him under any circumstances - see

  2. Looking at his CV he looks like a product of the troubles rather than a fomenter of them. One may disagree with his stance on AGW and gay rights, but it seems he has a pretty firm grip on economics, which is the post he currently holds.

    I don't particularly see a problem with his stance on employment, either and I am sure the average citizen of NI wouldn't either.

    Personally, I would see his criticism from the cloud cuckoo-land FoE and the woefully economically inept Greens as a badge of honour to be worn proudly.

  3. His other politics matter not a jot, because on this one he is spot on.
    At least he does not bury his head in the sand of RWE rhetoric, nor have his head jammed up the arse of Westminster.
    And you are right Al.
    FoE ( what is misnamed group they are ... )

  4. He's right as far as this film goes. Sometimes you can agree with a man, and other times you can disagree. Blimey, I love me dad, but boy is he wrong a lot of the time.

    That's how the world goes around.

  5. Hi Chris. I always take Wikipedia with a healthy dose of sceptiscm. On this issue however he has an un-impeachable track record. The film is an agreement with his standpoint. For that I salute him. Ireland has been a fragmented society and some things said and unsaid may be fact or fiction. We now have IRA men in the assembly. One suspects that some of their past utterances would be pretty unacceptable. Everyone else is giving the new Northern Ireland a chance and a clean slate.

  6. I can't separate his other views. He's a nasty bigot and not someone whose views on anything I would want to be associated with, let alone promote. Someone who calls gays "perverts", Sinn Fein voters "sub-human animals" and refuses to condemn racist attacks

    Hitler was an animal lover. I would have agreed with his views on animals. So could I have promoted those and ignored his other views? Hitler was also good at economics - he turned the German economy round. Being good at economics isn't everything.

    1. Re the racism attacks: From your own quoted source, Wikipedia: "The Northern Ireland Assembly Standards Committee dismissed complaints made against him over these remarks."

      South Africa brought together two polarised sections of the community to work together, as has Northern Ireland.

      Far from highlighting differences I believe we should be making sure the religious divides are best brought together by sharing common ground.

      The fact that two factions, that had been murdering each other, are now sitting down together in the same assembly and working together for the common good should be celebrated.

      We should not be picking over the entrails of conflict.

  7. I'll need a lot more convincing that he's really trying to work with others before I would support anything he says. It's his homophobic views that repel me as well. I'm certainly not prepared to be associated with him in any way, whatever his views on wind farms.


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