Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Another Great Park walk.

With just seven weeks to the TGO Challenge, I decided to have “a bit of a chat” with WeeWillyWilky. It was all about the importance of getting all the soft tissues toughened up. For Dave, this means taking the dogs out for longer walks each day.

Soft tissues – muscles, sinews and ligaments (what *is* the difference between a sinew and a ligament?) just hate the shock of a big walk if you haven’t warned them what’s coming: They react very badly and give you a rotten time of it. I’ve found that if you do nudge them occasionally with a little bit of a walk, and then a slightly bigger bit of a walk, they react positively and tell everyone what a super chap you are. They have a word with Ernie and your Premium Bond comes up. Your children all become perfect citizens and your bald spot disappears.

So Dave, being the sort of chap he is, has dragged his poor pooches all over the shop and is once more sporting a full head of hair and muscly legs the envy of Charles Atlas. On the other hand, my own pate is thinning even more precariously and my legs resemble pipe-cleaners.

The pictures tell the story of this afternoon’s walk. Windsor again, starting at the Two Brewers with a wonderful pint of Doom Bar. Well, it wouldn’t be proper Chally training without starting at the pub, would it?

Windsor, Sunshine, Two Brewers, Doom Bar


The Long Walk

Windsor Castle

Snow Hill

Windsor Castle

Red Kite Again

Red Kite Again 2

Red Kite Again 3


  1. Hmm, I definitely need to get more training in, with David spending most of his time south of the border, I haven't been exercising my drinking arm at all (I've always thought a middle-aged woman drinking alone a bad sign. Or a young one come to that! ;-D)He should be home for a long weekend at the end of Aprril, there might be a special birthday to celebrate, I'll have to pack a lot of training in then!

    Love the kites, btw. Aren't they just the most beautiful, elegant birds of prey?

    1. Their were half a dozen or so of them today. It's wonderful to sit and watch them. They are always found in the same area of the Great Park. I can almost guarantee to turn the corner and see them all.
      The green parakeets were there as well today, but they fly much lower and really whiz past, so it's impossible to catch them on my little box brownie!

      You should drag your girly walkers into the pub on your walks. The Fife will come as a huge shock to the system, otherwise...

    2. Oh Lor' Al, they're worse than me! A whiff of alcohol and they're gibbering wrecks!

  2. You need to stop all this walking about between pubs sir.
    You'll be worn out by May :)

    Nice walk though.
    I went for an 8 mile run with my lovely daughter Harriet.
    She's a bit quicker than me.
    No, she's a lot quicker than me!


    1. That "wheeze"...
      Are *all* your ailments now finally over with? Shall I remove the helicopter's phone number from my mobile?

    2. Hope so.
      All the tests came back saying I was healthy and no nasty things.
      Possibly a hypochondriac.
      I have a course of Omeprazol to take and that seems to have done it.
      They think it was the after effect of the antibiotics.

      I'd keep the numbers though.
      There's Dave's feet and your kidneys or rather lack of them. :)

    3. I see that Omeprazole is used in "Helicobacter pylori eradication"

      Could be usefulin geeting rid of the helicopters and the pylons all at once?

      Stop press: Latest Kidney results: 16% and falling. It's like watching Woolworth's shares...
      Ho hum

  3. Nice to have such a walking option close by! And hope the training is going well - do you have a program mapped out?

    1. Programme....

      I used to have those, a few years back. these days, I just sort of turn up and get fit on the walk itself.

      That's all very fine on a seventeen week LEJOG, but not so clever on a two week walk across Scotland. I usually get somewhere approaching fitness by the time I reach the North Sea.

      Must do better... I need a plan! Good idea, Jules.

    2. Hi Alan

      A plan is a good thing!

      Does your training programme feature a trip to the Chilterns (not quite Scotland, I know)? I’m not in training for the TGO myself, but I do need to keep in trim, so I’m up for helping someone else to if you fancy it.

    3. What a splendid idea, Jules. I'll get in touch next time I'm heading up that way.

    4. Cool! Looking forward to it. :)


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