Saturday, 24 March 2012

Sunburn & Statues

Another walk home from Windsor, but this time via Virginia Water.

Glorious weather. Eccles cakes in the Park Post Office’s garden. Statues of Elizabeth and Albert, mounted. Glorious blossoms and orange mivis..

Thirteen miles. The legs seem to be working properly again. Crinkly sunburn!

Jackdaw IMG_2967
Great Park Post Office Great Park Post Office
Tweaks Tweaks 2
Blossom 1 Blossom 2
Elizabeth Albert


  1. Everywhere in the Country is pretty and warm!
    Why it could almost be summer.
    Trouble is Summer will be like Winter!

    By the way, did Dave get some descent footware?
    I am not taking so many pain killers for him this year, he'll have to pack his own if not :)

  2. I seem to recall that it was bloomin' hot prior the Challenge last year, with fires breaking out all over Scotland. Then look what happened: A monsoon!

    No beers today; The belly is under attack now for the next six weeks...

    1. Ah - Forgot to mention the footwear.
      WeeWillyWilky has invested huge gobbets of cash on some rather smart Mammut (used to be Raichle) boots and also a new pair of TNF trainers. Either pair would do the job quite nicely...
      I need to discuss with him First Aid Kits - that could prove to be quite important. Ta for that!

    2. Ah Raichle.
      Good boots with a wider fitting for Yeti's like me.

      I did Challenges 2, 3 and 4 in the same pair of boots.
      At No 3 I swapped the inners for Superfeet Blues, and they became an even better pair of boots, but then they fell apart and I used a pair of HiTecs, which were Mega Comfortable, but fell apart after one Challenge (DOH).
      Now as you know, I am a dedicated trail shoe man, unless I am in deep deep bog or deep snow.

      So I guess he needs to use both of them for the next few weeks, and see which he prefers.

    3. Indeed - I'll be seeing him later this week so I'll make sure he's up-to-speed on breaking stuff in and first aid kits.

      Just need to break my own body in now. Sunburn still quite sore!

    4. Not associated to the post at all.
      Here is an odd one.
      My BLOG appears in your list and everyone else as last posted 6 days ago.
      BUT I posted last night at 10.00pm.
      The latest one does not appear to be updated on any blog.
      I know recently that blogger changed server, and started using a country code rather than .com, which totally breaks the quick edit feature.

      So I now appear as

      I wonder if that is the cause.
      I would email them, but they never reply.

    5. Ah! That explains where the "quick edit things has gone - I always used that and all of a sudden, there it was, GONE!

      It's a right faff editing stuff now.

    6. As a follow up to that, if you set the hyperlink to your blog so it is

      rather than

      then it goes to the old .com one and you get the pencil back.

    7. Ooooh! That *IS* clever. Thanks for that. So much easier to edit fings...
      (I'll leave that, just to irritate)

  3. Sunburn hey? Had my first bout in February this year. Well, more of a reaction than burn to be honest, but sun related.

    And as for the wild fires, we have had a few heath fires this week, fire crews were called out in Bettyhill, Wick, Stornaway, Benbecula, Bonar Bridge, Thurso, Inverness and Nairn. Fingers crossed we get just enough dampness to er, damp things down without drowning!

    1. Blimey! "Nice up north" then! That makes a pleasant change from the usual grimness.
      I just hope it stops soon so that Scotalnd can have great slugs of rain now, so we can get all the shitty weather over and done with before the Challenge.
      It would be nice to have light showers at night in May, just to keep the burns fresh.

  4. A good walk with lovely photo’s theoretically.

    6 week beer fast eh. We will see.

    1. I'm giving it a bash... Who knows?

    2. Now, I just need to ask...

      Sloe Gin?


    3. As in what to carry? Sloe Gin: Absolutely wonderful for the hill.
      And whisky
      And... Probably wine too?
      And... Will you have any of those miracle beers every now and then, for a chap at a low ebb?

  5. Nice pics, Alan!

    Also, with 13 miles and no beer, it seems like you've gone full tilt for the training progremme. ;-)

  6. You either have a super zoom or that pheasant was B100Dy close!

    Well done re the beer, have you had the shakes yet?

    1. It's my 5 year old box brownie cheapo digital compact.
      Can you detect the camera shake? DT's already, dear thing...

  7. I'm probably being very slow here, but have you moved darn sarf?

    1. Hello Little Laura Love!
      Aye. 'Appen.
      'Bout eight months ago.
      Now even further to get to Challenge Land, but closer to The Pyrenees.

      I wouldn't worry about the slowness thing. Slow & steady's good.

    2. EIGHT MONTHS AGO??? I'm so embarrassed - how did I miss that? I shall probably blush now when I see you in May.....................

    3. Ooh! A blushing lady!
      Such a beautiful thing.


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