Friday, 27 April 2012

A Guest Post from “Jocking Jock”

Some in the congregation may well recall a few bright comments from “Jocking Jock” in this thread. Well Jock has been in touch and we have agreed to turn my blog over to him, just for today. I’ll start off with his short autobiography:

“Born outdoors and dragged up in a barn, the great outdoors has been Jock’s life. You could say he was a bit of a “Stig of the Dump” character. While scrawling some childish shit on cave walls (later ‘discovered’ and presumed to be thousands of years old) he yearned to head out to the concrete wonders of Dundee and forge himself a career as some sweet talking know-fuck-all journalist preaching about the joys of walking in sheep shit, being bitten by midges and ticks and God only knows what other fucking shite ramblers love, out there on steep snow clad mountains in all weathers.

Now retired at the age of 40 after a successful career as Editor in Chief at ‘Womans Weekly’ (3 weeks) followed by pornographic magazine ‘Escort’ (40 years) and finally the infamous outdoors publication ‘Trail Magazine’ (3 days), Jock now spends his days in the seedy bars of Dundee & Glen Coe, drinking heavily and harassing young women.”

“I’ve always felt like there was something missing in my life, mate. I never had a Mum or Dad to look up to. My mum was a dirty outdoors type and I aint seen the cow for decades. I recall her saying when I was only a wee bairn that Dad was a bit of a bore but I didn't think she meant he was a literal boar. That was before they became extinct in my beloved Scotland of course. Anyway, all said and done I do like the odd pint. So get me another to make it even”

Anyway: Here’s Jocking Jock’s unedited post. (I have been assured that he’s joshing!)


Jocking Jock

There are some things in life that really piss me off. Politicians, bankers, Jeremy Kyle, Britain’s Got Talent, Hendrik and wives. Hand’s up, I won’t deny it I have had a few of the latter (some consider it a hobby you know) but you may or may not have noticed one thing in common with all these pet hates that make me want to smash my head against a concrete wall for hours on end.

Quite simply they’re all full of shit.

And talking of shit I’d like to add another one of life’s displeasures to that list. People who talk the talk but don’t actually fuck*** walk the walk. Literally. I’m not talking about the Bee Gees screaming like girls and doing some ‘Jive talking’ along a pavement. Fuck that no. I’m on about people in the outdoors community who won’t fuck*** shut up about lightweight gear.

Yeah, that’s right! I think they’re full of shit too.

I’m a glutton for punishment, it pains me to say, but when I come across blogs like Hendrik’s “Hiking in the fuck*** woods Finland now and again as long as it’s not too far from home “ it really makes the varicose veins on my neck throb like I’ve Viagra stuck in my throat. Why? You need me to state the obvious? Come on! All the fuck*** weasel does is talk about saving bastard grams I shit for breakfast off a fuck*** penny stove or some other wank bit of equipment most ordinary Victor Meldrews won’t give a flying fuck about. They’re useless. “Save a gram here, save a gram there”. “Hey, look at this crisp packet that can be used as a rucksack”. Who gives a shit? I don’t! I eat out of them not pack my bastard outdoor gear in it!

The recession has hit me so hard I’ve resorted to using that bastard plastic toilet roll you get in public lavs. You know the ones? They don’t clean your arse that’s for sure, unless you like being covered in shit that is. But it occurred to me the other morning sat on the bog before dropping the kids off at school that I bet folk like Hendrik would generate a shit load* of website traffic if they talked about how light and waterproof this plastic bog roll really is. (*The combination of these two words being quite appropriate I imagine.)

I mean, it could be used as a tarp or something. It’s certainly cheaper than that Fidel Castro material. What’s it called? Oh yeah, Cuban Fibre.

Putting those serious observations to one side, it’s worth noting that it’s such gram counting sad little pricks that miss the whole point of life don’t you think?

The hobby we’re talking about is the world of the outdoors: John Muir, Cameron McNeish, dear old Alan Sloman and Julia Bradbury and maybe a bit Ray Mears (though not necessarily in that order I have to add). Get a life, get outdoors. It’s certainly what I told my missus the other day. She didn’t though, so I nipped out the door and headed to the local beer garden.

The way I see it is this. An analogy for you. Why the fuck would you incessantly talk about cars when you don’t actually fuck*** piss off out in one? Why have a sweaty heart racing session polishing your crown jewels over the latest engine or Cuban Carbon Fibre frame when you’re not actually fuck*** using the bastard?!!

Hendrik and some of his brown nosed muppets for an audience need to get a life and fuck*** get outdoors. Hopefully permanently if I’m honest. I hear it’s extremely cold in the woods this time of year in Finland. It certainly make for one less gram in the world to think about.

I don’t consider the odd passing gear talk to be too monotonous. I enjoy it sometimes. I’d just much rather see some skinny young twat out there in the wilderness (preferably female and under 25). Not some pointless verbal diarrhoea about saving grams. Fuck me, I’ve lost count how many pricks I’ve seen out on the Scottish Hills claiming to be lightweight yet their packs are heavier than a winners shopping trolley from Supermarket Sweep.

The shit I’ve seen online where some get excited like a teenage boy chancing upon a stash of Razzle dumped in some bushes concerning a Cuban fly and mesh inner and a fuck*** walking stick. Ooo, it weighs this and that. Bollocks. Add all the rest in and they ought as well have invested their beer shares in a regular lightweight tent!! At least they’d have saved money and fuck*** energy rambling on about it.

These fuckers are like diet obsessives but with outdoor pursuits. What the fuck*** fuck? Come on people! If you’re unable to carry a couple of extra kilos on your bloody back well there really must be something wrong with you. OK, when I see wimpy fucks like Hendrik I can see why he’s obsessed with kit weight. But come on!

What do most working class people shout at diet obsessives? Go to a fuck*** gym. Well, it’s about time we all said that to these gram counters I reckon. Go to a fuck*** gym, build some muscle and stamina. Pussies.

No more airy fairy bollocks about what it all “means”. No more fuck*** chit chat about saving weight by shaving the hair off your back, sack and crack. We’ve seen the tit now we want to see the tat.

Get a life. Get outdoors.

Lightweight kit? I shit em!


  1. Sure it's not you in cyber disguise, Alan? ;-)
    Very down to earth and comical!

    As soon as I read "There are some things in life that really piss me off. Politicians, bankers, Jeremy Kyle...." I was hooked.

    1. Hi James
      I can promise you Jocking Jock is not one of my aliases.
      We may see eye to eye on a number of points bit I quite fancy one of those tarps held up with a waking stick...
      He does have a way with words.
      I love his self-censoring of the expletives, too.

  2. Well, I've got to admit I did find this guy (or gal?) comments in that thread very funny if crude :)

    Just like James as soon as "There are some things in life..." I was hooked too! lol Very funny if rude. To the simple point of truth I feel. I catch his vibe though I'm a fan of meths stoves myself lol

    Guess you won't reveal who it really is then Alan? You gonna have him/her guest post some more in the future?

    1. It he writes in again, I will certainly consider it. It makes a good Friday Post. Indeed, something for the weekend.

  3. Well, I think it is a fuck*** disgrace printing fuck*** aggressive $hit like that on a serious message board where we ought to be having a serious debate, not a fuck**g rant.

    No more of this bollocks.

    Fuck*** bloggers.
    I shit em.

    SWEET :)

    1. This is not a message board. It's my blog and so everyday language used in the pub amongst blokes who've had one or two too many is fine.
      It is rather a fine rant, isn't it?

  4. It is indeed a splendid rant.

    Sloman's blog I shit it :)

  5. Replies
    1. When Jock has access to a computer I know he pops in to read this. But perhaps he needs very little encouragement?

  6. Literally laughing my fuck*** arse off here!

    I'll keep the bits in the fridge, the quack can have yet another go at putting it all back together.

    Sad that we didn't see any "Jessiehiker" references in that post :-(

    1. speaking of your nether regions, I hope that all your "troubles" down there are sorted?

  7. This is not bad language, It's just normal daily Dundee dialect - toned down a bit if anything. Could be written with a bit more of an accent, though. I suggest getting JD to edit it next time.


    1. Mike
      It's not me! Honest! I could never reveal my source as he is a real outdoorsy person. He just doesn't have a blog to vent his spleen.
      If I turned it over to JD to look at no English speaking person would be able to understand the Doric witticisms,

  8. At the risk of maybe being controversial in the face of the comments, and while I like Alan a lot, I felt quite sad to read this and a little surprised that it's on here.
    I love being outdoors, but like Hendrik (who I am not brown noser of by the way), my environment is more forests with lakes and smaller hilly bits. I actually really like this, it reminds me of Rothiemurchus and the trails up towards the Lairig Ghru. If I wanted to do harder stuff I couldn't right now as it's too far on public transport and I'm injured. Does this make my experience less valid?
    Maybe it does.
    I'm just going to keep on doing what I can, not push it down anyones throats and leave it up to their choice as adults if they want to read my drivel or not. I personally like it, and I like *most* of what is printed on Alan's log, but personally this post did nothing for me. I would rather encourage people into enjoying backpacking - even if involves camping in a forest.

    1. And you're a very lovely person too!
      I believe Jock has had a run in-in the past with our Hendrik and wanted to get this off his chest. As I hold similar (if not so extreme) views, I was quite happy to let him have his say.

  9. Reading some of your previous stuff you seem to love the outdoors, have done some massive walks, I really can't get my head around why you as a 50+year old man would trash your own blog posting insults about another man who also loves the outdoors.

    1. Paul
      I am quite content hosting this post as from my own experience I have found Hendrik to be a very nasty character. I believe Jocking Jock has also had a very unpleasant run-in with him too.

      He snipes from the sidelines, tweets nasty stuff (and then deletes the tweets), deletes comments from his blog that have the temerity to disagree with his perceived "wisdom."

      I believe you have yourself had a huge amount of controversy in the past over comments made on fora and other places. People in glass houses....

      If you don't like it, don't come back.

    2. Paul: Pot calling kettle black?
      HERE'S a fine example..

    3. As Alan has quite rightly pointed out Paul - "Pot calling kettle black?" I don't think you're really one to talk with regards to your comment.

      I recall thanks to friends informing me (while I was out camping as it happens) some of the vile and defamatory posts and comments you were "blogging" about me and others. Much of which was really quite libellous seeing as they were all lies and prejudice.

      Since which it's been noted by many people you've selectively deleted comments and even removed some of the blogposts I refer to.

      I recall you stating that anyone in my social circles are "wa****s" amongst many other such offensive names. And only recently (again thanks to people you too follow) were referring to me as a "cu**" and more.

      So, those in glass houses shouldn't be throwing bricks around eh, Paul?

      Your comment and it's apparent positive tone somewhat beggars belief!

      All said and done, I do concur with some folks concerns on here, including your own despite your previous behaviour.

      Hike your own hike so they say, and peace to all - including you Paul. I hold no grievances with you despite your past remarks and somewhat consequent cynical endeavours to change the perception people may have formed of you and your character.

      Have a good weekend and enjoy the great outdoors in any way you wish to choose :)

  10. Paul I do recall your tweets from last night and now deleted could have been deemed racist by some. Hope no one took a screen shot, or you could be in trouble.

    But Paul I read this post and see the line "I have been assured that he’s joshing!"

    So a light hearted dig at some and one young man.

    But the young man in question has not been having light hearted digs at others. In fact he has been rude and nasty.

    Tweeting insults about Section Hiker and Americans.

    Should Alan be condemned for allowing this?

    Well as David Ure a well respect person said Hendricks post here was REALLY NASTY. Uncalled for was another description. So Alan when we see rude attacks supported by BPL by Hendrik, Twitter used to attack blogs and his week in review praising DaveC post again attacking other bloggers, I do feel you allowing Jock a chance to josh is someone insignificant in the scheme of things.

    I hope we see the piss taking person write on other subjects here. I do use shelters some call tarps. Fuss about pack weight, and use cat can stoves.

  11. The raging ill-feeling that erupts in the Outdoors Communiddy never ceases to amaze me. One only has to post up something utterly innocuous such as "the miniature tent pegs supplied with the Laser Comp are shit and anybody who says otherwise is a fucking arsenugget" and a bloody great bunfight breaks out. Very strange......

    1. Hi Peter
      In any series of disputes I always look for the common denominator to see if there is a common agent. And there does seem to be a large number of online disputes that all involve our Hendrik!

      (And the Paul "The Muss" Bates as well, it seems.)

      Having read the BPL (American) forum and what was written about our own Bob Cartwright by Hendrik and all his many poisonous (deleted) tweets, I have to agree with Mr Rye; This is a dose of incredibly small, light-hearted beer compared to that fellow's gallons of vitriol!

    2. Oh come on, Alan. I've witnessed many a dispute online that's descended into a slanging match where you've been the common denominator! I've also defended your 'robustness' at times. This time I can't.

      This article is not simply "small, lighthearted beer" or an off the cuff, poorly considered remark. It's a calculated personal attack and will achieve nothing other than continue the bad feeling. It does your blog a disservice.

      Hendrik did this, Hendrik ate my hamster, Hendrik said my best friend smells of wee wee, blah blah blah... It's like being back at school but without the tapioca pudding.

      Ganging up on someone to give them a kicking is bullying, something you always say you're vehemently opposed to. Got a problem with someone? Ignore them. Meet up and roll about on the floor until you both feel better. Anything's got to be better than this internet handbagging.

      Quite honestly stuff like this just makes me want to distance myself from the 'outdoor community'.

    3. LOL! You have a way with words PC mate. Always enjoy reading your comments. Bang on the money too.

    4. Hi Sean
      You have indeed been quite wonderful over the years.
      You are right, it does smack a little of bullying. But this particular target has had it coming. He's an arch bully himself and now he is getting a dose of his own medicine, albeit light-heartedly, from Jock. Maybe it will teach him a lesson?

      I promise I will do better in future! And, thank you for all your help in the past.

  12. I have had no run in with Hendrik and I give everyone a chance to be friends with me but it seems quite clear am no welcome so as you said Alan I don't need or have to be hear

    1. Paul: I don't believe I have suggested that you have had a run-in with Hendrik. It's your choice what to read.

      Might I also suggest you follow your own advice?

    2. What kind of dozy twat calls themself "The Muss"? A fuck*** wife beater?

  13. Replies
    1. Normal service has now been resumed - a new post is up.
      (I with Jocking Jock - I think this needed to be said.)

  14. Fuck*** Geezzus H Christ! Look at some of you. What a bunch of pussies. My guest post was only meant in sarcastic humour and OK there was some personal digs. I won't apologise for that shit as it's more than deserved.

    Some folk really need to get their heads out of their own arses (and that includes Helly Hendrik) wipe the shit from their eyes and take a look at the real world.

    Thank you ole Sloman for letting me vent some steam.

    My bastard point was about gram counters and people who are full of shit. So full of it they got ugly brown Disney eyes.

    If you can't laugh at yourself, you can't laugh at anything in life.

    Last time, I looked it was a free country Scotland. Freedom of speech and all that bollocks. Little England appears to have lost it's mojo I guess.

    My headache is some self styled Messiahs think they have the freedom to kick back freedom of speech and debate. Ole twiggy in Finland is a case in point. The guy's a prick. At least some of the adults amongst you can see this fact and appreciate how Mister Sloman is open to debate and is happy to let shit fly (unlike some).

    And talking of shit, those links in the comments were amusing to look through with a can of Tennants Super in one hand while spooning some corn flakes into my fag stained mouth with the other.

    And who the fuck is this Paul Muss? Looks like that's another twat in the bloggy universe. He can't write on there and he can't fucking write on here either. You need glasses old baldy boy?

    Mind you, I guess what little you have for shit for brains would burn out just trying to get your wee self to Specsavers.

    And what kind of dozy twat calls themself "The Muss"? A fuck*** wife beater?

    Anyhooo, thanks for having me here Sloman. I shall leave you be and head back under my rock that's called home. I may get in touch again one day. Who knows. I'm either in the pub, in the cells or on a Munro. Sorry to you old man for any bother.

    Pauls and Hendriks?? I fuck*** shit em!


  15. Now now Jock, no need to get your kilt in a twist. I can't help laugh at your comment slagging me off, I wasn't going to come back to this but you left me with no choice. My cyber name (brand if you like)"The Muss" may have been a fictional wife beater, I loved the film, like I do all violence related films. I have to add my name "The Muss" and as Alan has nicely pointed out my real name "Paul Bates" I do not hide behind The Muss, like you Jock, what you scared of? Hendrik? lol......

    Watch the film Once Were Warriors you may like it lol hes not just a "Wife Beater"

    1. He's not just a "Wife Beater"
      Oh... So that's alright, then?

  16. Why do I get jumped upon by the circle of Terrybnd's followers Alan, Rye and Jock yet Helen and Sean both not agreeing with this post don't?

    Proves a point to me.

    1. Paul: Just a suggestion here...
      Read your comments again and then reflect upon your behaviour in the past. Folk are just pointing out the disparity with what you have preached and what you actually do.

      I don't believe I have "jumped on you at all.

      Sean has history himself on a particular forum, but makes a point well, and is responded to politely.

      Helen's comment is from someone with a proven track record of fair play and decency. She tells it straight and my reply to her is no different to my reply to you. Except in my reply to you I have pointed out the discontinuity between your expressed opinion and your actual past behaviour.

      I don't consider myself to be within a "circle of Terrybnd's followers" anymore than I am in any bloggger's circle; Take a look at my reading list over on the right hand side of the blog: It's huge.

      I believe your comment proves nothing, apart from hurt feelings. If you feel hurt by what I have said, then I apologise. It was not my intention to hurt your feelings.

    2. Circle of followers? Don't you mean sycophants?

      Paul, I have a large social circle as does Alan and Martin. No one is jumping on anyone. No one is best of pals with each other. Each person I would've thought was pretty obvious they have their own mind. I disagree with Alan on some things as much as with anyone. But we as adults can be constructive and fair to agree to disagree. I've disagreed with Sean in the past too.

      As Alan has quite rightly pointed out, your past behaviour is a big case in point. It's been appalling how you've gone about expressing invalid and ignorant remarks. Much of the time with foul-mouthed offensive words.And that is really what I personally think is what you are missing.

      It's YOU who's been publicly spouting vile towards me and others online. It was YOU who then promptly deleted such posts, comments (and I hear tweets now too).

      The only point you've proven is how ignorant you are to how you've treated others which was completely unjustified.

      We're all adults here - physically at least. So I suggest you take a long look at your past behaviour and comments above and reflect on the consequences of all of that.

      I apologise if I may have offended you in any way, it was not my intention. But I'm just trying to convey a constructive and fair argument towards you in how you shouldn't be throwing stones in glass houses, Paul.

      Like I said before, peace be with you. And enjoy your life with respect to your fellow man.

      And on that note, I'm off now. I'm about to head out to the hills in the wind and rain :(

  17. To wrap my views on this up.

    Paul peace and happiness to you. I don't follow Terry. I like the lad - but me and Alan have been banging the walks out in Scotland a lot longer than Terry lad has and we are our own men.

    I just want to leave this with you about saying this post is wrong.

    When Hendrik attacks others on BPL will you have a go at Ryan Jordan for allowing that?. Will you speak out to Hendrik on Twitter when he digs and insults?. When he praises Dave C posts insulting others will you speak out there. When he dismisses those who question his claims as beneath him will you speak out for them?

    If not, then why speak out against Alan for allowing someone who wants to speak back that chance?

  18. What a to-do, cup of nettle tea anyone. ? :)


    1. Nice try faux "Twigs" - Your IP address is located in Scotland. Funny, all the same!

  19. I'm not hurt by anyone's comments or the post, I wish I had never bloody commented to be fair, looking in as I past a glimpse of the post I thought to myself, wow that's wrong, then posted a comment. I don't know Hendrik, like I don't know you's, it was just my passing thought, so how comes it gets turned around towards me and the way I have been?

    If I have been nasty to anyone of you then speak up when it happens, tell me am out of order but not one has so how am I to know that I've been bad towards anyone?

    As for mine and Terry's argument well that to was started with me asking a bloody question then getting put down by Terry himeself and then continuing to call me a dick and a nob, unitl he called me them names I had NOT said a bad word foul or any other form, however after them comments I did slag him off and told him what I thought of him, he still has his little digs in his blog posts but thats between me and him not you 2 (Alan, Martin) so something for you too to think about if I have said something that you found nasty towards yourselves then please let me know so I can reflect and see if it was needed or not and if I too need to be apologising.

    I have been fair to all my friends who I have met and if someone bad mouths them I stick up for them, thats the way I am, I look after my friends and they do me.

    1. Paul
      To put it simply, I won't stand by on my own blog and watch a guy get roughed up without looking out for him. You were in the wrong and I just pointed this out to you.
      How you treat people on your own blog is entirely up to you, but here we try to engage with folk who make comments.
      You simply got a dose of your own medicine from the other commenters. I hope we can leave it at that now.

    2. Paul,

      I NEVER EVER called you a "nob" or "dick". Not once. EVER. You are BLATANTLY lying!!

      It was YOU. YOU!! Who was using foul language and names not just towards me then AND since but to others too. Even others tried to tell you to calm down but YOU chose not to.

      I cannot believe you're being such a liar.

      I also have not made any "digs" as you infer and it has to be said you are paranoid to think so.

      I have never once publicly mentioned the "argument" as you put it. I haven't chosen to "blog" about it as you have. Even then you changed your story, no doubt to save face and grace. This in itself speaks volumes about you.

      I didn't spout vile in public as you have done towards me. It's a shame you chose to delete the posts and comments that were on your blog.

      And as for your point about people letting you know if you've offended them?

      DON'T MAKE ME LAUGH! I did tell you, I even sought to explain to you some misconceptions you had and what did you do?

      You deleted them, ignored them and then have the gall to say all you did about me and others!! Everyone who knows me in any shape or form are "wan****" and "cu**".

      You were only spouting such offensive remarks the other day on a certain social network. Very grown up, I have to say.

      I even told you how you may have offended others, and you ranted and foul mouthed back with an attitude I expect to see from some poorly educated teenager from a run down estate ( I know, cause I was brought up on one).

      All I have ever done is been friendly and shown you the respect anyone deserves for a very long time. Be it chit chat, gear talk, camps and what have you.

      And in the space of a few hours one night you turned into a foul mouthed chav. Calling me and others liars. You didn't even understand how wind speeds are stronger in cols or on ridges - yet at the time you dismissed it or began ranting about something else (though I suspect you will deny this too and imply you already knew when it was clear at the time you hadn't a clue)

      The very fact you comment on here and completely miss EVERY other point raised against you says something about the mark of you as a character, Paul.

      You either are in denial to ANY wrongdoing you may have done, or completely fail to grasp how you may have offended me or anyone else.

      You may well try to change perceptions of you with others as you have done. But you're a fool to think NOT ONE person has noticed and is saddened to see you behave in such the way as you have (same for Hendrik as it happens).

      You were wrong, you are lying, the proof is out there (including your racist comments I have to add) and you can try and convince me or others otherwise.

      You say you'd apologise? Pah! That's a joke considering you wouldn't even give any the courtesy of a mature and constructive reply.

      I put my last penny on it that you'd never ever meet me or talk to me in any shape or form to discuss or sort out differences. I'd put my life on it that you'd never have ever spoken to me the way you have done to my face as well.

      I'm a big believer in karma, and I'm afraid to say that what goes around comes around - and as Alan has quite rightly said, you've simply had "a dose of your own medicine". If you fail to see that or any of the other observations, then....well, there's just no hope is there LOL

    3. I can see that the discussion between Paul, Terry, Martin & myself isn't going to lead to many sensible conclusion on here, so I think we should all leave it at that.

      Unless anyone has any positive comments to make on this thread, I suggest we should close this thread.

      I won't be publishing any more comments of this nature. (And that's not meant to as criticism of anyone in particular.) I think enough has been said on the subject.

      It's my ball, and I'm going home!

  20. No, it really was me Alan, dunno why the Scottish Ip When i'm in Sheffield. ?
    should have been pine needle tea though, i hear it's calming. :)

    1. Ooh! If it really *is* you, "Twigs", you'll notice that I am quite happy to allow you to comment and engage with everyone on here.
      Take a bow and introduce yourself properly:-

  21. Nah, just an observer me, wondering how camping can generate the stuff i've been reading. lol.

    1. Hi Twigs
      It *is* all getting a bit camp, isn't it?

  22. Even though I have closed this thread I have received an email tonight from Paul Bates "The Muss" in the above thread, that I can only assume is fuelled by drink.

    I won't publish it but I will make one thing very clear.

    I will pass this email over to the police if you continue to threaten people with physical violence.

    And, should we ever have the misfortune of meeting up, you had better be quick on your toes yourself, pal. Fat boys never were very good at running away.

  23. Magical stuff boys.

    Nothing like a good rant!

    Well, it kept me amused reading it anyway :)

    HRT patches, that's the way foward :)

  24. 'No more airy fairy bollocks about what it all “means”.'

    Puts my effort well to shame. Love it! I have to say, though, I reckon I could save more than a few grams by shaving my back, sack and crack. I'll do a before and after (with pics, obvs) and let you know. Thanks for the next blogpost idea, Jock!

    1. It'll be educational. And you can all see the scar from when I dug a tick out with a 5in blade knife.


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