Sunday, 6 May 2012

Pre Challenge Kit List Smileyness!

Well then, chaps! (said in a manly, gruff voiced, with lots of back-slapping and firm handshakes, eyeball to eyeball, men of the world sort of way…)

The walk is almost upon us (see the countdown at the top right of this page) and the Challenge Message Board is busy. You don’t have to search far to find Challenge Kit Lists published all over the blogosphere.

But there has been one particular published kit list that has made me grin like a Cheshire cat. No names, no pack drill. But! (And this is for just one chap) It includes:

  • SIX pairs of ladies’ panties.
  • A bothy bag.
  • SIX T-shirts.
  • SIX pairs of socks.
  • TWO bottles of petrol

I didn’t see any lippy, blusher or eyeliner on the list. You would have thought he would have thought of that.

Anyhow! Moving on….

Here is some pure joy from Jools Holland the other night. This really makes me grin!



  1. And two hats. Presumably one is for church.

    No bra, though. Slut!

    1. oooh - A Dirty Slut too! No wash kit carried...

  2. I believe the more petite ladyman does not need a bra.

    You will of course get into trouble over this :)

    1. Not being an expert in these things, but aren't ladies' panties designed differently to men's? I would have thought there would be a bit of constriction when wearing the lighter weight ladies' numbers...
      Maybe our Challenger goes in for pain as well?

  3. Mr Sloman, you're a very naughty boy, go to the back of the class and write out 100 times "I must be more respectful of fellow Challengers" :)

  4. Link and DM it to me good sir please. Some kit lists will make for a good read this morning.

    1. Your wish is my command, Sir. Consider yourself DM'd.

  5. I couldn't possibly tell you that it's Jeremy's post on the TGO Notice Board.

    I, too, thought of ladies knickers ....... but, enough of that!

    Back to cutting my toe-nails - must get the weight down to what Jeremy is carrying.

    1. That was a top secret, Gordon.
      My ol' Dad used to say: "Want to lose ten pounds of ugly fat? Then cut off your head."

      He has a point. The body knows its way across by now.

  6. Best of Luck on your crossing Alan - TGO, that is, not cross-dressing.


    1. There are plans afoot for a group photograph at Braemar, clad "Superman" style, to let Jeremy see normal blokes' choices.

  7. Ow! This is cruel and unusual - frankly I adore Eddie Izzard and only Mary's snarky comments (she is a Campbell, and they do have a certain reputation) prevents me from taking up some of his more outré fashion tipz.

    But one thing puzzles me. In this splendid list, why no mention of gaiters? I would have thought that the very wonderful Dirty Girl Gaitors (true! true! check them out at )would perfectly accessorise the rest of the rig.

    All of this excitement has forced me to review my own shabby list for this week's Bimble In The Basque Country. Will I even have time to source a basque in Bayonne? I rather fancy the classic red number with black silk trimmings. Or should I go for a turquoise with cerise accents?

    As ever, I leave the choice in your strong and masterful hands.

    1. Whale-boned, black leather, Humph. Every time. So slimming.

      Andrew (coff! Andrea) Walker is an expert on the Transformation studios. Indeed last year we had to drag him out of just such one emporium and only got him to the station in the nick of time to catch the sleeper up to Inverness.

      It took him all night to remove the make up... It's a free country.

    2. Classic RED baby, Classic Red.

      "It's a lie."
      "What is?"


      Oh yes Dirty Girl Gaiters - are the dogs

      I will have a snappy little pair by next years Chally.
      Should I be fortunate enough to get on :)

    3. Ah, the first denial...
      That's a bit like saying Chris Huhne has the full backing of the Prime Minister.
      Everyone believed that too... (Sweetcheeks)

  8. Have a good one,animeanthat most sincerely, fellas. Uh huh. An' jez for all you ladyboys out there (you know who you are) ... to the tune of my greatest hit, "Return to Sender"

    "He wrote upon it...
    I wear suspenders
    When I'm alone,
    Phoning Control
    On a Cellnet phone

    (I'm always on it)

    I had a shelter
    A Bothy two
    I'd like to share it, but,
    The question is 'With who?'

    (a taxing problem)

    We had a quarrel
    A lover's tiff
    I stole her panties, and
    She just gave me grief

    (She told her mother ...)

    "He wears suspenders
    When he's alone
    And women's clothing
    That's nicer than my own"

    (Her mother told her)

    "That's OK darling
    Even with the bra,
    You think I'm your mother but
    I'm really your papa"

    (She rolled her eyeballs)

    Uh huh. De dum dedum dum

    DUMP A DUMPA DUMPA DUM ..........

    Staaaaaand by your man......

    Ha ha! That got you! She's in you head now isn't she? He he - all the way to Montrose :-D

    1. You B4ST4RD Phil!
      I will never shake off Tammy now!
      You won't be making friends with our "Jez" now, will you?


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