Friday, 12 October 2012

A plea from the Llanllwni Mountain Choir:

Well said, boys!


  1. Hi Alan

    Thanks for posting this. Absolutely brilliant.

    1. Hi Gibson
      Their points are very well made and done with considerable style. Hopefully, their message will spread.

  2. They make many valid points, including one I've wondered about for a while: are some hills exempt? Are the Cotswolds, the Chilterns, the Malverns, and other playgrounds of the Range Rover set, designated as untouchable?

    I wouldn't want to see turbines strung across any of the above, or the Clent hills or the Lickeys but, in terms of their proximity to centres of consumption, it would make more sense than disfiguring the Elenydd and adding another forty or fifty miles of pylons to the damage.

    Sorry, Alan, you know all of this shit already; I'm just sounding off.

    1. Hi Dave
      The Cotswolds, Chilterns & Malverns are all Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty, (AONBs) aren't they? It seems having a landscape designation means that the carpet-baggers are less likely to pursue their land-grabs.

      However, I wonder if Paul Griffiths, the Planning Inspector, would respect those designations.

      No harm in 'sounding off' by the way; More people should be angry about this in my opinion.

    2. Hi alan

      I expect the Pentlands have escaped the turbines partly because they have Regional Park status, unlike the Ochils which are not so designated. On the other hand, I can't help feeling that location also has something to do with it!

    3. I really am (genuinely) surprised that no anti-wind farm group has yet to apply for turbines on Arthur's Seat. It would act as a catalyst for genuine debate.

      You don't have to own the land to apply for planning permission in Scotland.

    4. And whether access is over another person's land isn't considered by the planners either. It's a risk though; I know of someone who got planning permission for a garage (on his own land) but now has no access to it! When it comes to turbines though.....

    5. There is a web site with an excellent photomontage of turbines on Arthur's Seat but the problem is that you need to provide a scoping document prior to the application. That costs tens of thousands. We have seriously thought about it though. Just need a wealthy sugar daddy!

  3. Good point about the AONB status, provided it's watertight and respected. I'm concerned for the Berwyns, which lie outside the Snowdonia National park and were not included into the original AONB designation along with the Clwidian hills. There have been a number of attempts to get them either AONB designation or incorporation into the national park but the whole process seems to be painfully slow. Definitive information on the ownership of the Berwyns seems hard to come by; many of the paths are permissive rather than definitive rights of way.

    1. Well, one thing's for sure: We currently have about 3,500 onshore turbines yet the government has targeted Britain for over double that number. They have got to go somewhere and it's windiest on top of the hills.
      Let's hope that Owen Paterson holds a bit of sway and teams up with Osborne to bin wind.
      Frankly, I see it as our only hope in keeping what remains of the wild lands turbine free.

  4. Europe is in disarray.
    The European economy is in crisis.
    And still we abide by meaningless and ridiculous guidelines and targets.
    This is the same mob that gave us legislation on the shape of cucumbers and bananas
    We, meaning our elected govt are bloody clueless.
    Maybe this lot will do something.
    You'd hope eh.

  5. They are so right. Lets hope that somebody out there IS listening. The trouble is who can they fire next to do a U turn. No lists please.

    1. I think the next few weeks will be interesting. The tussle between the treasury and DECC looks to be bruising, but if I remember anything from my days in business, it's to back the man with the money.

      So, we are relying on George Osborne for common sense to prevail.


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