Wednesday, 28 November 2012

TGO Challenge 2013: Cheese & Wine Parties

In the past we have issued the invitations for the cheese & wine parties after the closing date for routes submissions. However, a few Challengers had complained that this meant they stood very little chance of being able to join us.

With this being Phil’s tenth Challenge, we decided that for one year only we would publish the invitations well before routes were due. This will mean that if folk really do want to join in, then there is plenty of time for them to design their routes to accommodate the soirĂ©es.



So, this year we are hoping for large gatherings to celebrate Phil’s tenth crossing.  All are invited. They need only bring a nice bottle and some of their favourite cheese, with perhaps some nice biscuits or fresh rolls. The first will be held on Tuesday 14th May at Lochan Uaine, 3,000ft up, just below Creag Meagaidh and the second a couple of days later, due east, on Thursday 16th May at the Allt Coire Bhran, 1,700 feet up in the middle of nowhere.

It’s a nerve wracking time. Who will turn up? What cheeses will be available? What shall we wear? Us girls do like to be at our best at the parties….

Dress code: Smart casual.

Thanks, Phil, for creating the invitation with your usual flair.


  1. You may have noticed I'm not on the Challenge next year Al. Got to do my duty on the Mound, Edinburgh again (General Assembly of C of S). But, there is always the possibility, however slim, that I might appear at one of the Cheese and Wine Parties; you have been warned!!!

    1. Goodness gracious! It's His Holiness the Incredibly Irreverend Dave!

      We will indeed require spiritual guidance as we commune with the Good Lord's wildest creations. We will also require flagons of the good stuff and a few barrels of cheese.

      And your good self.

  2. Replies
    1. Al,
      The second venue would fit nicely into a few day's Daunder using the Inverness rail line. You could start in Kingussie and make your way to the second Cheese & Wine and then wander down to Blair Atholl for the trip home via the Minigaig, or extend it to take in the hills with us and then dive off down to Blair.
      I'll leave that with you...

  3. "my usual flair"???

    Ta :-)

    Looking at my wardrobe, the evening may well feature my usual flares too :-(

  4. I'm hoping to come along to Lochan Uaine, as even if I don't get on from the standby list, I'm thinking about popping up for a bit of Munro bagging (which would include the two to the east of Creag Meagaidh) and so could easily drop by!

    1. Splendid! One of the Waters of Eunice Dirty Dozen!

      We shall be doing those two on the Wednesday as well on our way to the Monadhliath Hotel at Laggan.


  5. I'm not a TGOer but take pleasure in following the circus through various blogs. I've looked at your two venues and come to the conclusion that they are too remote to have been chosen just by a pin sticking exercise, but there doesn't appear to be any adjacent bothies. I guess you're going to have an expedition hut helicoptered in on the day?

    1. " sticking exercise..."!!!

      They have been carefully chosen inasmuch as they are on our route, should give cracking sunsets, and will naturally filter the cream of the Challenge, which always comes to the top for such an occasion.

      In case of bad weather, we have Mad'n'Bad's Trailstar, which, with a dropped Oooknest inner should comfortably accommodate half a dozen party-goers and my Wanda which can take another five, (if they like a bit of a cuddle).
      Phil has an Akto - and I've had a party of five in the snow in my own Agnes Akto along Loch Ossian one April a while back... so accommodation shouldn't be a problem.


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