Monday, 4 March 2013

Black Earth: Fazil Say

Until this evening I had not come across this chap.

Fabulous stuff, played at Volume Eleven with the lights down low. Enjoy.


  1. Nice. Mind you I think his parents should have given him a sensible name before they gave him piano lessons.

    Talking of which...

    1. Indeed
      My own family suffered greatly from the awkward naming curse. What were my parents thinking?

  2. Replies
    1. If you look at some of the other stuff he plays, he certainly has an interesting take on the classics.

    2. Hi Al,

      The Bothy Fireman here. Lovely stuff. I did a google of Fazil Say - and he's in trouble. Going to trial on April 15th in Turkey for Blasphemy. Could end up in jail over there. Sad.

    3. Wow.
      Thanks for pointing that out. That is quite incredible. After a bit of searching about here's what the Telegraph says about it:

      It's desperately sad that the state is out to crush a musician just because he's not toeing the religious line.

  3. Top stuff.
    So you will very much I expect be liking "Divenire by Ludovico Einsaudi" which will be heading to you on Monday.

    There is heaps of stuff by Fazil Say on Spotify, inc Pictures at an Exhibition, which I will be checking out shortly.

    Good find that sir....


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