Thursday, 13 March 2014

TGO Challenge 2014: PreWalkDaunder Discipline


Every organisation requires a set of rules, often used for guidance only when an unforeseen situation arises. Such a situation has recently surfaced, jeopardising the upcoming TGO 2014 PreWalkDaunder.

Thankfully, this message arrived in my inbox tonight. I shall copy it and paste it below.




  • I am sure all Daunderers will welcome the following statement from the PreWalkDaunder Steering Committee.


  • As this will be the 20th running of the PreWalkDaunder there is an opportunity and indeed, desire for change.
  • In recent years it had become apparent that not a single Daunderer had, or had any intention of adhering to Rule 7. Consequently, after the 2013 PreWalkDaunder, this rule was referred to the PWD Rules sub-committee. They have recommended the rewriting of Rule 7.


  • This means that, unfortunately *****, your suggestion that local uniformed boys are paid fees for services rendered is no longer tenable. Should you wish to make private arrangements within the group for a camp location and erection service from a ‘fit bloke,’ for the avoidance of embarrassment and any unpleasantness you must ensure that the location of the said erection is outwith ear & eyeshot of other Daunderers.
  • Of course, Rule 3 does imply (fairly strongly, I might add) that Daunderers will be dressed at Dinner.
  • It has been known for Daunderers in Absentia to supply gifts to the Daunder. It has been, and remains, the responsibility of the newest Daunderer to receive and transport this gift to the first night’s camp for subsequent distribution.
  • I will leave the moral dilemma of ‘bunking off to the flicks in bad weather’ to your conscience, and the PreWalkDaunder Discipline Committee.
  • The question of Croydon’s sanity is to be tabled at the newly formed PWD Sanity sub-committee, comprising Mick Hopkins and ***** ******** at the first wild camp. It will be decided by an arm wrestle over a pallet of Guinness.
  • I trust this clarifies any uncertainties.


It’s good to know standards are being upheld.


  1. Standards are so important, Alan. Whichever swine caused this upset ought to be black balled.

    1. Quite so, Dear Thing.
      The blackguard has been informed of his arraignment.
      The PWD Discipline Sub-committtee's rules state that if he loses his case, an opened can of Gunness will be placed on his head on top of Skiddaw. Spillage is not an option.

  2. In reality your training your beer consumption skills more than your legs for the Challenge. Anyway safe miles ahead we hope and hope the weather is nice.

    1. This particular Daunder has been organised by the Grand Vizier.
      He always arranges fine weather.
      It has been decreed.

  3. Lucky for Mick that


  4. Tut tut. Boys will be boys I suppose. None of this happened in my day, you know.

    1. Aye, Adam.
      ...but that was in another country
      And besides, the wench is dead.


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