29 October 2014

An appeal from the JMT for Stronelairg legal fight



This year I walked through a part of the Monadh Liath for what I thought would be the last time. The Scottish Government had approved, without going to a public inquiry, the massive Stronelairg wind farm which was going to destroy a massive area of Scotland’s finest wild land. I’ve written quite a lot about the appalling destruction of the Monadh Liath, more recently HERE and HERE.

I was wonderfully surprised to hear that the John Muir Trust has had a change of mind and is now biting the bullet and are taking on the Scottish Government in court over this incredibly poor decision.

This of course means raising a significant amount of cash, as court cases are expensive. But this is worth fighting for. It is worth digging around for some spare cash and donating to the JMT.

Please watch the video and help as much as you possibly can.



Please click on the link below to make a donation ~ whatever you can afford. Everything helps.  Or, you can call 0131 554 0114, where the JMT will be pleased to help you



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    1. Thanks Al, and thank you Phil.
      I've noticed that whenever anti-wind farm groups have had decent legal representation they have a far greater success rate at getting wind farms stopped. The JMT really needs to have the best legal team it can muster to fight the SG, who will have limitless money to chuck at this fight and you can be assured they will, as it will set a precedent fro them to do things legally should they lose.
      It comes to something when you have to fight the very people that the voting public voted into office.
      Total insanity - but there again, that's exactly what Scottish (and the UK's) energy policy is.

  2. Well done for putting this up, dosh is en-route.

  3. Hi Alan,

    Thanks for pointing the way, I donated and joined the JMT


  4. I'm more than happy to dip into the pocket for this.

    Is this a case of outsourcing the debate to the voluntary sector? A kind of big society initiative? I'd hate to think it was just politicians being sneaky gets; that would undermine my faith irreparably.

    1. Having watched Murdo Fraser's debate in Holyrood there are so few politicians who give a monkey's stuff about their wild land that i doubt if many have even heard of Stronelairg, let alone care about it.
      Mostly, they are a bunch of arse licking sycophants who are now looking for a fresh arse now that Salmond has retreated to lick his wounds.

  5. Alan i ,ve just watched the film by jmt anmd nearly fell off my chair when they said that the farm would be the size of inverness consider my donation paid.

  6. It's some system we have isn't it? We pay our politicians to, among other things, see that due process is served; they renege on the deal and a conservation charity - with about a million better things to spend its money on - has to step in to see that democracy is served.

    That this is not a cause célèbre in either the print or broadcast media says a lot about our society.

    1. Dave, this has to rank as the best comment of the month in your long list of excellent comments. What a devastating waste of good money for the JMT, and all credit to them for taking the scottish Government on.

      The JMT and MCofS are fighting an incredible battle on our behalf, against the apparent wishes of folk like Cameron McNeish who "support wind farms in the right places." He has yet to say where he thinks the "right places" are. You can bet your bottom dollar that he's terrified his currency in the media world will plummet if he did so, as angry locals threatened with a wind farm in his "right place" would cause a storm.

      This case should be shouted about from the rooftops. The Scottish Government should be made to squirm on a spit. They are loathsome individuals who should be exposed as hypocrites of the first order. They say they are building wind farms all over Scotland's wild places to save the planet. They are nothing but money grubbing bastards who don't have a single conscience between them.

    2. You will have noticed that the SNP never mention that those being most enriched by these monstrosities are estate owners, many of whom do not normally live in Scotland. I wonder what those in deprived areas who have been taken in by their message would think of that?

    3. In tough time society's call for the rich to pay their fair share and massive corporations to pay their tax on profits is stronger than ever, and rightly so. Yet our energy policy is dishing out HUGE amounts of rentals to already rich landowners and taking it from the fuel poor in Glasgow.

      And yet these very same fuel poor are abandoning Labour in their droves and turning to the SNP. You couldn't make it up. The information is just not getting to these people. If they knew what the SNP had done in boosting the building of these massive upland power stations, surely there would be lynch mobs storming Holyrood?

      Perhaps not. It seems the electorate believes the politicians' lies.

      It would be good to see Miliband, Huhne, Davey, Salmond and Ewing held to account. I just cannot understand why the left (or any other party for that matter!) are not raging against this dreadful policy.

      But that's a topic for another post.

  7. Pieces of silver heading towards JMT.

    1. Thank you, George.
      I know it doesn't affect your immediate area, but the knock on effect of Stronelairg will be Allt Duine, Dell,, etc spreading like a cancer.


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