Saturday, 1 November 2014

JMT setback on Stronelairg court case

I wrote a few days ago about the John Muir Trust’s appeal to raise funds to take the Scottish Government to court over its decision to approve Stronelairg wind farm without a public inquiry. 

Disappointing news came in yesterday. A judge has refused the JMT a Protective Expenses Order. A PEO procedure exists to make it possible for anyone to take a case to the courts to protect the environment in the public interest; and to be able to do so without the risk of prohibitive legal costs from the other parties.

This could be a body-blow for the JMT – opening up the risk to vast sums of expenses should it lose the case in court. The JMT is now considering its position, but now, more than ever, needs our financial support. We should not let the Scottish Government’s illegal destruction of wild land continue.

Please click on the link below to make a donation – whatever you can afford; Everything helps..

Or, you can call 0131 554 0114, where the JMT will be pleased to help you.


The two articles speak for themselves. The first is from the JMT, the second from Herald Scotland.

JMT on news of set back 31st Oct 2014



Stronelairg Set Back, 1st Nov 2014



  1. I'm sure they're on the case, but I would hope that there may be some sort of appeal procedure available to JMT.

    1. Hi JJ
      I don't know and I don't understand the legal process involved, so I just hope that something can be worked out. We need to shame the politicians into sorting something out - but you can bet this won't happen because the bastards are shameless.

  2. Jim Murphy, or whoever else it is who becomes the next leader of the Scottish Labour Party, could get off to a good start by making it a priority to question the propriety of Fergus Ewing's portfolio as minister for Energy, Enterprise and Tourism.

    How the sheer nonsense of energy and tourism being under the jurisdiction of the same minister is not being treated as constitutionally inappropriate just baffles me. As does the failure of Labour to go for the jugular on the whole inverse redistribution scandal.

    1. It would be great if he could, but I doubt it. You have to remember that it was a Labour administration that put in place the subsidy regime for wind.
      Miliband rammed it through.
      You would have thought your second paragraph would have weight, wouldn't you, with Labour.
      Fat chance in reality. They are doing this for "the good of the ignorant Proles." They know FAR better what's good for the people than the people who elected them.

  3. That's disappointing but, perhaps, not surprising, given the Scot Gov's policy on renewables. Of course, we'll never know, but I wonder whether "political" pressure was applied. Given the shennanigans that went on in the Indy Ref, it wouldn't be surprising.

    It's a real kick in the teeth for the JMT. The trustees now face a really difficult decision. Do they pursue the case and risk bankrupting the JMT or withdraw? Don't forget the trustees could be financially personally liable if things the JMT loses and goes under. The whole thing stinks.

    1. That is exactly the crux of the dilemma, Robin.
      This is when you need penniless trustees in place. Pointless trying to bankrupt a chap who's got no money.
      You're right, of course: It stinks.

  4. We are always up against the vested interest with vast amounts of cash and support in high places. Thirty million spare to give to the community demonstrates this and I hate to say it but I would not want the JMT to risk its future and the work they do in this way.

    On a smaller scale, I have just read in my local paper, the Teesdale Mercury, of the 86 letters in support of four wind turbines on the moors in Teesdale over 80 were from either employees of Banks Renewables, the company applying for permission, Others came from associated businesses and the relatives of BR employees. Money as they say talks.

    1. I agree with you David, but the JMT are raising funds in an appeal just for this case.
      Can you imagine the impact of the JMT winning would be with the Scottish Government?
      It would bring the bastards to heel, for a start.
      The JMT desperately needs a rich benefactor to say "There you go - I'll fund it" so they can plough on.

      I'm not surprised in the least to hear about Banks Renewables dodgy letter writing. Up in Scotland they have a reputation for dirty tricks just like this: Scum.


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