Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Jane Eggleston





It was a massive shock to hear that ‘Jane Egg’ died today, after a short illness. I met Jane on the TGO Challenge about four years ago, and she has filled that time with wonderfully happy memories. She was warm, feisty, fun and had a sharp wit that would always bring me out in smiles. She was big-hearted and as good as you can get. I’m going to miss her. Raise your glass to this wonderful woman.

My thoughts go out to Jane’s friends and family.


  1. Sad indeed. I met Jane a couple of times on the 2012 Challenge. A lovely person with a zest for life.

  2. I met Jane on the 2010 TGO while we were both climbing Corrieyairack Pass and saw her again in Torridon in 2013. She was feisty. Backpacking was a hobby she only started late in life, but you could tell that she adored a Challenge. I'm sad to hear this news.

  3. I didn't know Jane, so that's where my loss lies.

    To her family, and those who did know her, my condolences. RIP, Jane.

  4. She ate all my Lindt chocolate at North Water Bridge.

    The bugger.

    1. She was a demon for the finer things in life!
      Nice story, Carl.

  5. I note from that photo that she is looking at you rather suspiciously, with her left hand firmly clamped over her whisky glass; obviously recalling your propensity for stealing her stimulants. A shrewd judge of character as well as a great Challenger.

    A sad loss for all of us.

    1. Actually, I should have made it clear that I have taken one of Ian Cotterill's pictures (see HERE) of Jane & me at Callater Lodge, and trimmed it down quite a bit, editing out distracting logos and turned it into a B&W shot.
      We all know that our Ian's a demon for the electric water.
      When I think of Jane I always smile - she had that effect on people.

  6. I was tired when I posted on Twitter that Jane was "The Queen of Bree Louise!" I had failed to read your Blog post about her dying.

    Catching up with things today I was shocked.

    She certainly did make her mark in the Bree Louise and if people were fortunate enough to meet her, she make her mark on them too.

    Jane was a character. I was fortunate to meet her a number of times and each time was memorable.

    She could be feisty, she could be friendly, she never let you forget who she was.

    Her enjoyment of life came across in many ways and she made the Challenge much more interesting for being there.

    I too will smile at some of the memories .............


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