Sunday, 18 January 2015

Testing another mobile blogging App: Bloggeroid

Right then. As you will have seen, I tried the Blogger App and was irritated that I could only post one image and it had to appear at the end of the post. That was no good at all! And on top of that Blogger's own App wouldn't allow me to justify text either.


That awfully nice man Stormin' Norman recommended an App to me today on FaceBook and from squinting at that I found another App that seems to have even better reviews - Bloggeroid. I had to have a very close look at this as from first glance it sounds like a product to fix your bottom. It seems I am still unable to L&R justify the text. Bum! (So that's how it got its name.)

Now, let's see if it will let me stick a picture below this bit of writing:

Note: All this has been prepared on my Samsung S4 Mini, my Nokia fold out keyboard and using pictures from my phone from today's saunter around Bracknell.

Now to try publishing it.


  1. That seems to have worked okay. The pictures using Bloggeroid line up with the LH margin of the text - unlike Blogger's own App, which shoves the pictures untidily to the right of the LH text margin! So it looks like I shall stick with Bloggeroid and suffer the lack of text L&R justification.

    1. I've found that it's easier to edit your post once it's posted using the the 'Blogger' App. I have not yet worked out how to post comments using the Bloggeroid App.

      I think this is a 'work in progress' and I'm still learning.

  2. Blogger's own App is a pain in derriere, I can't imagine why it's not been improved. I'll check out Stormin's suggestion, it can only be better.

  3. Can you use BlogPress on your phone Alan?

    1. Hi Gibson.
      Unfortunately BlogPress only works for Apple products and I went for an Android Samsung phone. Looking at things now, it seems that was a mistake, as my phone won't run my RouteBuddy mapping either, whereas it would have worked on an iPhone.
      Still - Lord Elpus helped me out with that my sticking a spare MemoryMap onto my phone.
      You live & learn...

  4. I don't know if it will do what you want but I use Blogpress when posting from iPhone or iPad. When you have written your post there is an option to publish or "save as local draft" and it is advisable to do the latter first before publishing just in case anything goes wrong which can happen when you haven't got a good enough signal. I've just noticed that AS says Blogpress is only ok for Apple - shame.

  5. I found I needed a bigger screen to make the most of my blogging on the Bibbulmun Track. Couldn't stand any of the apps going and wanted to use the site proper. This was my set up:


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