Saturday, 3 January 2015

Trial post for mobile blogging

This is a trial to see how things work out.

I'm uploading a post to my blog using a picture from my Lumix camera transferred wirelessly to the phone and the typing done on the old Nokia bluetooth keyboard. It's then sent to the blog using the Blogger App.

It appears as though I don't get a choice in where to position the picture, which is a bit of a sod. I am able to edit the post once published to sort out the spelling, which is just as well as there doesn't appear to be a spell-checker on this useless App. Neither can I right and left justify the text, which means it will look crap - well, more crap than usual.
TGOC 2014


  1. I do quite a bit of mobile posting, Alan, and have never used an 'app' to achieve it. I just type out the email and add picture(s) - always taken with the phone though my latest camera does have wifi so I might try that - then send the email. This was sufficient last year for easy conversion into my 'Pyrenees Adventure' book. The photos all appear at the head of the posting, but that's not necessarily a bad thing as my readers probably just look at the picture(s) before judging whether to bother with the text. The important thing is to keep the pictures low res or (as you know) there can be transmission problems. I'm also told that the phone should be held horizontally to get the best signal. My Blackberry phones had a spell checker, but the current Samsung doesn't, so on return I occasionally edit by replacing the small pictures with bigger ones and doing a spell check. Simplicity is the key, as it's often really hard to find time to compose a posting. But of course we all have our individual styles etc...
    Have fun (that's essential of course)

    1. Hi Martin
      Thanks for that; That's exactly how I managed to blog my LEJOG in 2007 (though I had the help of John Hee then to place the pictures where I wanted them.)

      I was rather hoping that by using the Blogger App I would be able to position the pictures where I wanted them in the text. It's possibly just my incompetence that's preventing this...

      I want to use the camera's pictures as it was a right faff having to take two sets on the LEJOG (one low res for the blog and one high resolution picture for posterity). The Samsung phone allows me to connect with the camera and choose the resolution I want to put on the blog, which means I only have to take the one picture.
      I think I will follow your example and edit the dreadful spelling and grammar when I get back - though that's almost an impossibility for the grammar as it's me who's checking it...
      *sigh* - oh for a decent education...

  2. It worked! I can see your picture of some broccoli quite clearly. Don't try this with a carrot unless you have an adult content warning. Just a tip...

    1. Ooh.
      I can feel an erotic vegetable competition coming on, sir!
      First prize - a pair of Ugg boots, second prize - two pairs of Ugg boots.

  3. I. use an app called Blogpress. I have a Panasonic camera that transfers photos wirelessly to my iPad and I can then call them up in Blogpress on the iPad and insert them in Nlogpress where I want. I reckon tihs will also work with the iPhone, but I'm not sure about an Android.there is not much other formatting available but it seems to work well for me. I used it all last summer on all my long walks.

    If you do use it it is wise to "save as local draft".before opting to publish just in case anything goes wrong.

    1. Hi Conrad.
      I've taken a look at the Blogpress App, but it looks like it's an Apple only App (Please correct me if I'm wrong!). It does look just the ticket though.

  4. I had a go with the Blogger (Cr)APP and took it off my phone...
    Nuff said .................

    1. So, Mr Techie Sir!
      Is there a better Blogging App for Android?
      I've come to the conclusion that the Blogger App is just too basic.


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