Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Caledonia, you’re calling me…

You’ll all have seen the wind farm maps I’ve posted on here. They have shown the proposed devastation of the wild land of the Monadh Liath and the land to the west of Loch Ness

Malcolm Kirk has produced an excellent video that illustrates the devastation far better than any map.

Note: Public Health Warning! There follows fifty seconds of accordion music, but be brave! It’s over quickly and is followed straight after by some hauntingly beautiful music.


Many thanks to Malcolm Kirk. Excellent work, Sir!

You’ll be delighted to know that a petition to the Scottish Government has been started:

  • Calling on the Scottish Parliament to urge the Scottish Government to take steps to designate the Loch Ness and Great Glen as a National Scenic Area; to recommend a priority application is made to UNESCO for the area to be afforded World Heritage protection; and to take appropriate steps to discourage further wind turbine developments and support the restoration of sites damaged by wind turbines.

You can find and then sign this petition by clicking


Please, please help by signing it. It takes but moments to do this, but it could save this wonderful landscape for ever.

Thank you. You can find out more by visiting


  1. The Scottish government, Scottish Natural Heritage and Highland Council have not updated their turbine numbers for the public to see what is really happening. The SG says there will be something later in the year. After the election no doubt. Highland Council are not responding to repeated requests for an update to their June 2014 list and dodging a FOI. The June 2014 list showed 1500 turbines operational, approved or in the planning process. It will be many more by now - perhaps even double. It takes campaigners and the expertise of the creator, Malcolm Kirk, to tell the truth.Scotland is being swamped with industrial turbines and there is no let up in sight. We can use this video and this area to highlight the insanity of what is happening elsewhere. Please sign the petition and share it and the video. Thank you

  2. What a wonderful but sad, evocative video; congratulations to the campaigners and to Malcolm.
    But as Lyndsey says above, it's outrageous that it should be left to individual people to alert others in the rest of the UK, and globally, to what is happening in our country. And this video, highlighting the plight of such an iconic area as Loch Ness, demonstrates exactly that....insanity!

  3. Signed. I hope all of the outraged people who voiced their anger at the so called artist, vandal or whatever label they chose to give the removal of a stone from Scafell sign this as well. This is real vandalism.

  4. That video almost reduces you to tears. When will the penny drop. Unfortunately there are now courses for the unemployed youngsters of Caledonia to embrace wind technology as the way forward in a career move. Funded by you know who no doubt.
    Petition signed.

  5. I have given up on Scotland!

    Even in the Cairngorms last week, you could see across to fucking turbines.
    So this is my last year, and a trip to Fisherfield and An Teallach early Autumn before they bugger that up too.
    Then it's going to be no more.
    The SNP don't give a shit about the landscape, their heads are buried so far up the arse of the Salmondites and associated greedy bastards and idiots.

    So 2 more trips and au revoir.
    It was lovely back then and now it is a ****ing industrial disgrace.

    What a Legacy.
    And they'll still vote the buggers in.

    Hi grandson.
    "Let me tell you about mountains and valleys and natures wonders, before the land was ruled by pseudo power monkey economists"

    *Rant Over*

    Depressing bloody video by the way! :-(

  6. Lyndsey and Malcolm have done a cracking job here. Yes it's depressing, Andrew; it's also very sad; more than that it makes you so very angry. The fact that you, and many like you, won't be coming back to Scotland also grieves me, as does the fact that I will not now visit so many places in the Highlands - and other areas of Scotland which are being destroyed - of which I have so many fond memories.
    And yes, you're right; they will vote the buggers in - purely for what is now the echo of a ghostly call of 'freedom'!

  7. Petition signed. Excellent video but very very sad.

  8. Arrrggg that music made me choke on my shortbread! Signed so I did not have to watch more than 30 seconds of it.

    1. Hmmm James I hope you did watch it all. The point of the first bit of 'music' was to look like a tourism promotion. It ends soon enough with a bang and then the real message starts. Worth a second try. Trust me. :)

  9. Hi everyone - Sorry I haven't been answering your comments. Normal service will be resumed as soon as possible.
    Thank you to each and everyone of you who have signed the petition.

  10. Not sure if you've already seen or even commented on this piece of news:

    Calliacher Extension Approved

    The reporter hasn't just reversed a decision by Perth and Kinross councillors, but has awarded legal costs against them because taking local letters of objections into account had been "unreasonable". So, if you don't like turbines, you've got to pay the developers, basically. Can't quite remember which Labour minister said some ten years that they would strive to make objecting to wind farms as socially unacceptable as drink driving. We have certainly reached that stage now. When will they stop, one wonders. There will now be 93 turbines in the shade of Schiehallion and Beinn a' Ghlo. The Green dictatorship steadily grows by the day...

    1. Hi Andy
      Yes - this was a little while ago. An appalling decision.
      It was Ed Miliband who said that, when he was Energy minister. He still believes it. We are in for a very rough ride if he's at the helm backed up by the SNP Mad Harpie.


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