Sunday, 14 February 2016

Valentines Day Daunder

The last few months have seen me clump about the Berkshire countryside sporting all manner of exotic footwear; three pairs from Italy, and one each from Vietnam, China, Denmark and Bolton. And still I have yet to decide which pair to take with me on the Challenge in May.

However, the target mileage (3 miles a day, come wind, rain or shine) is on track and the belly is a thing of the past - I'm actually below target weight for the walk, so all is well with my world.

It's been rather nice to plod about not worrying about the extra tyre around the midriff for a change and being free to enjoy the icy Siberian blasts with a lightness of step - not however in one pair of Italian clodhoppers, but more about them in another post...

Today I was beetling about the northern stretch of my patch in my old favourites, my Scarpa Nepals. The weather was glorious and the flightpath into Heathrow was from the west for a change. You can usually see four planes coming down the glidepath (or whatever it's called) from somewhere over Woodley Beacon at the same time. I worry about those poor baggage handlers, having to work each and every Sunday. At least they're not on strike, eh? You don't see many social media campaigns banging on about their rates of pay.

The skies around these parts aren't quite up to my old Cambridgeshire standards, but they can still lift the spirits. The churches and manor houses are similar but everything around here is that much closer together; Land is at a premium and we are all shoe-horned in. The skies make up for that. Hence the preponderance of aerial views today.

As I'm typing this on my fold-out Nokia keyboard propping up my phone [which is being the blogging device for a change] I'm staring at pictures of walking shoes on my laptop.

I need to sort this out. May will soon be upon us.
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  1. 7 pairs of shoes and your not finished yet. Come on Al get a grip man.

    1. I know. I'm dithering. I must do better. But each pair has some little niggle (although one particular pair have a whole load of dreadful niggles). I'm sure that when dumped in the middle of some god-forsaken place in Scotland up to my armpits in bog it will be the least of my worries. But I do worry - I am a bit of a worrier these days.

  2. If you didn't have so much choice, decision would be easier... I have one pair suitable. So I'll wear them.
    And stop worrying. I'm No1 worrier. You can't beat me.

    1. You see... the thing is... I'm not happy with any of them, really...
      I never used to be a worrier. Now I'm starting to worry that I've stared worrying. Oh Lord!

    2. *sigh*
      Go shoe shopping.
      And take up yoga.
      Or walking! Walking is good for fretting 😁

  3. Did I miss something? I thought I saw it written that you wouldn't visit that place again. But then I thought you might. As you know any shoes are OK as long as they are OK. The problem is that most don't quite make it.

    BTW I think that extra layer has moved my way.

    1. Hi Paul
      "It was written" that I had decided before last year's Challenge that it was to be my last - as the inevitable rash of wind farms were about to swamp the last vestiges of the Monadh Liath and spread further and further west towards Knoydart.

      Then, on the very first day of that Challenge a Conservative Government swept to power, much to my glee! The fabulous Amber Rudd has been beating the shit out of the parasitic wind farm businesses by hitting them where it hurts - their wallets - and removing the ROCs, most of the CfDs and then the LECs as well! This has meant that virtually every wind farm proposal has either been withdrawn or refused.

      In one fell swoop the hated "Westminster Tory Scum" (according to all right-minded SNP brown shirts) has saved Scotland from itself, as energy is not a devolved power.

    2. PS. Sorry to hear about the spare tyre... (snigger)


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